PDWM3450 - Wireless Microphone

Wireless plugin microphone transmitter receiver

Flexibility is the outstanding feature of this plug-on transmitter that turns every wired microphone into a freely mobile wireless one. Thank to its phantom powering the SKP 300 G3 can be used with condenser and dynamic microphones alike. With up to 24 parallel frequency banks, switchable transmission power, wireless synchronization via infrared and a sturdy metal housing, the SKP 300 G3 is a perfect fit for the demanding professional routine.

The SKP 300 is powered by two AA batteries or the optional BA 2015 accupack. The plug-on transmitter is available in eight frequency ranges, and is quickly and easily synchronized with its receiver using an infrared link.


  • P48 phantom power for easy use of any cabled mic
  • Plug-on transmitter with XLR-3F connector for quick use, no visual interference of cables
  • Rugged metal housing for rough use
  • Up to 42 MHz switching bandwidth for flexible use at different locations


  • Dimensions 4.1" x 1.7" x 1.7"
  • Compander HDX
  • Audio-XLR connector XLR-3 female
  • Frequency response 80Hz - 18kHz
  • THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.9 %
  • Weight 195 g (6.9 oz)
  • Phantom powering 48 V +/- 2 V
  • Signal-to-noise ratio = 120 dBA (@ 1 mV peak deviation)
  • RF frequency range 516 - 865 MHz
  • RF output power 10, 30 mW
  • Switching bandwidth max. 42 MHz
  • Peak deviation ±48 kHz
  • Nominal deviation ±24 kHz
  • In compliance with CE, FCC, IC
  • Operating time > 8 h (30mW HF, without PG 48)
  • Modulation FM
  • Carrier frequencies 1680

My advice

by FilmmakerGuy

I started my first documentary a year ago last October. I've shot one feature narrative and am currently working on the documentary, and both formats require a different set of philosophies. With a narrative, you almost have to have a well-planned, well-organized shoot. But with a documentary, you just have to do the best you can under the situation you're in. That said, rule number one is:
1) Get the shot. Try to arm yourself with the best camera you can afford, the best microphone, the best crew, and if you're setting up an interview, try to make the room as welcoming as possible

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AZDEN Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System
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  • LEDs on transmitter and receiver confirm system status
  • Ear-phone included to monitor sound being recorded and receiver plugs into camera?s external microphone jack
  • Transmitter and receiver use one 9V battery each
  • System includes: WR-PRO receiver, WM-PRO belt-pack transmitter, lavaliere electret condenser microphone and hand-held electret condenser microphone
Nady Systems. Inc. Nady MicroLINK-16X Portable 16-Channel UHF Wireless Plug-In System for Microphones with MRX-16 Receiver and LK-16 Transmitter
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  • Connects to any vocal/instrument microphone with XLR jack
  • 16 user-selectable UHF frequencies for interference-free operation
  • Unprecedented wireless portability with single AA battery-powered receiver
  • 1/4 plug for connecting receiver to powered speaker, mixer or amplifier
Shure Incorporated Shure FP3 Plug-On Wireless Microphone Transmitter, G5
Musical Instruments (Shure Incorporated)
  • Automatic transmitter setup that instantly syncs the transmitter to the receiver frequency
  • LED indicator for control lockout, IR/RF sync, and low battery
  • Audio input gain for adjustment of audio level
  • Three-stage audio input level indicator - Green: audio present - Yellow: nominal peak - Red: signal clip
  • Rugged and durable Shure construction

Popular Q&A

Are wireless microphone transmitters universal?

Or do they have to be specific brands/models to go with certain receivers? I have a Sennheiser EM1, and a handheld, and I'd like to buy a wireless lavalier and transmitter to use with it as well. It used to come packaged with the Sennheiser SK2 transmitter, but it is both discontinued and not sold seperately.

My question is, can I buy any old transmitter and assign them both to the same channel? Or does it have to be the new Sennheiser G3 transmitter that costs $250?

Thank you!

The receiver and transmitter have to be on the same frequency and not necessarily brand specific, Be careful of the type you get, The frequency band for wireless mics has changed and the top end has been lopped off. Make sure you don't get one that only works in the bit that is now illegal and has been "dumped" by someone else.

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