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Wireless Headset microphone sensitivity problem

Hello there, I posted this msg also at the Creative forums but I don't expect any response from there.

System :
Vista 64bit SP1, SB X-Fi Extreme Audio (latest drivers), Asus P5E3, Intel Q6600 @ 2.8, Radeon 4870, 4GB RAM .

*Note :
The exact same things are happening with a second headset that I have (not usb).
I thought it was malfunctioning and I bought a new one.
Until I tested both headsets (and teamspeak) on a different computer (with XP).
Both headsets are in the price range of 50€ (old from Creative new from Logitech)

*Note 2:
Last night I was in a friend place, we used to talk through ts couple months before, np at all. I tested his mic /recording settings/codex etc and he was producing same echo (through headset) minus the noise. Win xp.

*Problem Description :
1.Microphone produces a low buzzing noise when it’s been used (speakers disabled).
2.Microphone produces a buzzing noise and echo (reproducing windows sounds, voice and or music through headset) when it’s used with TeamSpeak2 application and a low frequency high tone sound (like pulse) that get repeated and increased with echo. (external speakers speakers disabled).
3. Microphone its too sensitive it picking and reproduce sounds even I barely hear despite the volume of the mic (in the recording tab)

*Theory :
Something’s seems to boosting microphone strength or conflict with the mic. Like there’s a second mic working.

*What Sound Devices are Listed :
First of all, I have an onboard sound card from motherboard (which is disabled through BIOS).
The sound devices currently listed are :
High Definition Audio Device (I don’t know what it is, it’s says Microsoft drivers) – Disabled
SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio
In Sound – Playback Tab :
Digital Output Device (HDMI)
High Definition Audio Device – Disabled

Logitech USB Headset – Working (microphone headset)
SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio – Working
Digital Audio Interface
SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio
In Recording Tab :
Logitech USB Headset – Working

Microphone SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio, Line-IN, Auxiliary and S/PDIF-In ALL SET to :
– Currently unavailable /Disabled

No other recording devices are plugged.

* What has been done so far :
Check BIOS that the onboard audio device is disabled.
Mute /disable or re enable every audio device windows /all other application sounds through mixer, or change sample rate and bit depth.
Uninstall /reinstall TeamSpeak2.
Uninstall /reinstall Creative latest drivers.
All options to mute microphone playback through speakers are enabled (meaning I am not hearing myself while speaking).
Microphone is the default (and only) recording device enabled and listed.
Microphone volume (recording) is at the lowest level.

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