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Wow the crowd with your vocal performance with more music and more choice than ever before on SingStar.

The perfect centre piece of any party, SingStar on PlayStation 3 stays true to the original SingStar experience – letting you show off your vocal talents to fully licensed tracks and videos from the world's leading stars.

Packed with new features, the sensational next generation SingStar lets you personalise your playlist by downloading songs of your choice from the online SingStore™. Easy to access and use, the SingStore is available in-game and lets you download the latest tracks and menu skins to make your SingStar experience truly your own.

Best of all, you can rocket to fame by sharing your best performances with friends and the SingStar community with My SingStar™ Online. Upload videos and photos captured via a USB camera and relive your diva performances and raucous parties.

Download the entire PlayStation 2 back catalogue of more than 300 songs - as well as new songs available online - to create bespoke playlists saved to the Hard Disk Drive. Receive alerts when new tracks become available and recommendations based on your musical preferences.

  • Select and sing the songs you want by creating your own playlist.
  • Be part of My SingStar Online, and upload photos, video and audio files to share your SingStar party experience. Find other SingStars, link to your friends' spaces, browse and rate videos, vote via polls and create your own SingStar profile.
  • Head over to The SingStar Rooms in PlayStation Home*, have a boogie on the interactive dance floor and even attend VIP events.
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- At least 1000 songs' worth of internal storage
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Singstar Wireless Microphones - Standalone (Ps2/ps3)
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Playstation 3 SingStar wireless microphones?

can they be used on the wii ? or is it for ps3 only ?? please awnser xxxxx

i think it can be used, it is available in amazon site which works for both ps3 and wii

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