Countryman Wireless Microphones

Exceptional sound quality and isolation with an extremely low profile that enables a wide variety of placement options.

The B2D Lavalier Microphone delivers exceptional sound quality and isolation with an extremely low profile that enables a wide variety of placement options.

A tight hypercardioid polar pattern provides an extra 6–10 dB of headroom compared to an omnidirectional lavalier, reducing feedback, ambient noise, room rumble, and phase cancellations.

Please note that the Countryman E6, B6, E6i, B2D, and E2 microphones and Type 85 Direct Box are distributed by Shure, but are manufactured, warranteed, and serviced exclusively by Countryman Associates.


  • Easily hidden in hair and costumes or glued on performers' faces in film, theater, and broadcast applications
  • Natural vocal reproduction with superb intelligibility
  • Excellent rejection of surrounding noise
  • Low distortion at high SPL
  • Rugged build quality for repeated, dependable performance
  • Includes 5′ cable, carrying case, windscreen, single isolation clip, protective cap, and detachable connector

Available Options

WCB2DB Black, Directional Lavalier Microphone, TA4F
WCB2DC Cocoa, Directional Lavalier Microphone, TA4F
WCB2DT Tan, Directional Lavalier Microphone, TA4F
WCB2DLT Light Tan, Directional Lavalier Microphone, TA4F
Frequency Response 50 Hz–18 kHz

Additional specifications are available in the user guide.

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Easy to do

If you have a camera hooked to your computer, it might be broadcasting, without your knowledge.
OR, If "certain person" lives close, (upstairs maybe), then a simple "wireless web camera" is the answer. A couple hundred bucks each on e-bay.
OR, there are numerous "wireless surveillance" camera systems. Check e-bay again.
OR, voice only "wireless microphone".
None of these wireless things can transmit very far, maybe 1000' with walls in the way. And there are NO BATTERY powered units that can broadcast for more than a day.
So, if you suspect you have been bugged, unplug your computer camera

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Countryman B3W4FF05BSR B3 Omni-Directional Wireless Round Lavalier Microphone for Sennheiser Transmitters (Black)
Photography (Countryman Associates, Inc.)
  • B3 omnidirectional wireless round lavaliere microphone is ideal for theater, news anchors, interviews, lecturers, and general lavaliere applications
  • Fits Sennheiser transmitter models Evolution series, EW100 (G2/G3), EW300 (G2/G3), EW500 (G2/G3), SK 1093 and 3.5-mm locking connector
  • Highly resistant to moisture and perspiration for use in hair, on the body, or in bad weather
  • Standard gain (no band) for most uses
  • Available in black color

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Countryman Countryman E6 Cable Clip Set
Photography (Countryman)
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Airwave Technologies Airwave Technologies HSD-SLIMLINE+SE T4 TAN Dynamic Microphone, Omni
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  • Ultra lightweight, Professional Single-ear Microphone
  • Bendable Boom for Comfortable fit
  • Detachable and replacable cable
  • Compatible with most manufacturer s body packs
  • Fits Shure connectors
Countryman Countryman E6 Omni Earset - Sennheiser SR 3.5 locking, Vocals, Tan, 2mm
Musical Instruments (Countryman)
Countryman H6DW6LSL H6 Directional Wireless Headset Microphone for Shure/Carvin/JTS/Trantec Transmitters (Light Beige)
Musical Instruments (Countryman Associates, Inc.)
  • H6 directional wireless headset microphone is perfect for houses of worship, theaters, broadcasters, and presenters
  • Fits Shure/Carvin/JTS/Trantec transmitters models all with TA4F, Tiny QG including ULX1, UR1, PGX, SLX/UX16-BP/all with TA4F/S5 respectively
  • Exceptional audio quality, clear and transparent
  • Comes with high overload sensitivity (blue band) for loud speaking and vocals
  • Available in light beige color
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