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Bolun Stereo Wireless microphone

This review is from: 30m Microphone Transmitter + Wireless Receiver + New Collar-Clip Wireless Microphone + Headset Microphone (Electronics)

Please note, I have posted this review on an identical item (with a different brand name). I am in no way associated with either seller.

This wireless microphone is sold under various names; although the ones I own are not do not bare the same marque, they are identical in every other way - colours, size, shape. I bough mine from that cheap-tat auction site.

That said, please be aware that there are two different versions of this system which operate on different frequencies. The only way to tell them apart is from the colour of the LEDs on the transmitter and receiver - one version has green LEDs, the other red.


The red version continually drops the signal, suffers from interference, and it totally unreliable. If you have this type, then negative reviews are justified. They are lousy.

However, the green LED version is superb for the price. I have extensively tested it, and it is consistently provides me with a robust and reliable signal. Even through several brick walls and across several storeys, the signal remained strong.

Build Quality - cheap plastic, and very light.

...about the size of a deck of cards, is held together with 4 plastic lugs and a single screw behind the belt clip (which can be removed). A 9V battery is required for the transmitter. I use rechargeables, and they last for ages. Of course, as they begin to drain, so the quality of the signal will suffer. The battery is a tight fit, and the cover can be difficult to slide on, but once on it stays in place... and is difficult to slide off again.

The transmitter is fitted with a volume control that allows you to set the volume of the mic. I found this to be quite useful.

It has a 3.5mm micrphone socket so you can plug in any microphone with a 3.5mm plug. I tested with my Rode NT3, and it worked a treat. Also tested with a Rode Video Mic, and again it worked perfectly.

...annoyingly, it is fitted with the larger 6.35 mm connector rather than the 3.5mm type. Also, it is moulded into the receiver, rather than being connected by a cable. Furthermore, the plug is mono. Together, these factors are extremely irksome. I had to make my own adapter: 6.35 mm mono to 3.5 mm stereo. The receiver requires a single AAA battery.

...not the smallest lavalier, but not the biggest either. The microphone is fitted with a 3.5mm plug. It offers a surprisingly wide frequency response; the attenuation of higher frequencies is not so great as make the sound muffled, and the attenuation of lower frequencies doesn't make the sound tinny. I was pleasantly surprised when I tested the mic against my Rode NT3 recording directly into a Zoon H2.

Be aware that is you wanted to run the microphone (without receiver or transmitter) directly into a recording device, then the recorder MUST have plug-in power; that is, it must provide the microphone with power. Without power, the mic will produce no output. Another pleasant surprise was that the microphone outputs quite a high signal level - about the same as the Rode NT3 I'd say based on the recording level I set.

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Which Wireless Microphone with stereo jack do you suggest? Details --->?


I'm in a poor little band called Splyntr (want to become a fan of us on Facebook?) and our singer is currently using a crappy microphone I found under my bed. It has a headphone jack, with a stereo jack adapter, and its hooked up to my drummers old guitar amp. I have no idea how old the mic is, but I know it cost me under 30 bucks. Today, in school, my music instructor was using a wireless microphone (which used a kind of receiver that was connected to a guitar amp through the guitar input). This microphone was much better than the one I am using. Also, for performances my singer…

You don't need a stereo jack on a microphone for one voice. You can get a decent voice microphone from Radio Shack or Best Buy. If you want cordless, go to Guitar center and look for a Nady wireless mic, or try Musician'ds Friend;

You might even luck out at a pawn shop and find a better quality used wireless set.

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