Headphone jack plug for 13

Vocal microphone for MacBook jack plug

I am trying to get an external microphone (this Sennheiser ME3) into the TRRS jack of my 2012 MacBook Air, through a headset splitter such as here.

(this is so that I can use speech recognition software - the Sennheiser is especially good for speech recognition)

The first check I do is on the headphones: I go to System preferences -> Audio -> Output, and notice that inserting the splitter registers as "Headphones/Headphone port" whereas removing it registers as "Internal speakers/built-in". So, that is behaving correctly.

I also note that actually plugging and unplugging headphones into the other end of the splitter doesn't register.

I also check that audio output works correctly TRRS -> splitter -> my headphones.

However, audio input does not behave correctly. System preferences -> Audio -> Input does not change when I plug and unplug the splitter (which has the Sennheiser ME3 attached). It states "Internal microphone/Built-in" regardless.

I've also done a simple experiment to confirm that the MacBook is indeed receiving audio from the built-in microphone. I.e. it is completely ignoring the fact that the Sennheiser is attached. I did this by launching QuickTime and creating audio recording, then putting on the Sennheiser and counting "123" with my face next to the screen then "456" with my head as far from the screen as the cable permits. The first recording comes out much louder, so it is indeed using the internal microphone.

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