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Top vocal Microphones

While many engineers swear by the regular old SM57 for guitars and snare, I like the newer Beta 57 better. It has a tighter pickup pattern so the isolation is better, and it's a little crisper. I'll use it on snare, guitar amps (along with a R-121), and hand drum percussion. I do prefer the older Beta 57 to the new 57A a little, but they're much harder to find these days.

Mojave MA-200

David Royer is a smart fellow and his tech knowledge extends beyond ribbon microphones, as his Mojave condenser mics testify. The MA-300 is a multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser that can be used anywhere I'd normally use a U87. I'd have to say that it's a bit smoother sounding, although sometimes that's not what you want. I've used it on acoustic guitars, strings, and percussion. I'd love to try it on toms, but there's usually never enough of them around for an entire kit.

9. AKG C12: I have this down lower on my list not because it's not a favorite mic, but because you can't always find one. I love it on vocals, it's magic on overheads and with strings, and it's great on a bass amp (thanks Ken Scott, who uttered the words seared into my brain - "This is what I used to use on Paul.").

ADK 3 Zigma C-LOL-12

10. ADK 3 Zigma C-LOL-12: That's a mouthful of a model, but it's basically an AKG C12 emulation and it's a really good one. I like it on toms and bass. It's very impressive for the price.

Samson Meteorite review | USB Microphone | TrustedReviews  — TrustedReviews
The Samson Meteorite is a cracking little portable USB microphone that will be perfect for those that want to take the first step towards higher quality audio recordings. It's incredibly portable, easy to use and provides good quality sound.

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What is the best brand of microphone for male vocals?

The MXL 990 Condenser Microphone is one of the best especially for the price. Thanks for doing the !

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