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Best microphone preamp for vocals

After much research we proudly present the best combination of microphones and preamplifier for voiceover. But before we start, here are some important factors that you have to "inhale" for voiceover: 1.) First, test a new combination of mic and preamp before you buy it. Some voices can be perfect on, for example, a Neumann TLM103, but some have just too much sibilance. So ask you local dealer to get some mics and preamps to test before buying.

2.) Be cautious with the self-noise of the mic and mic/preamp combination. For commercials your recordings will be compressed to death and you will hear all kinds of background noises, inlcuding your vocal chain noise at the end.

3.) The better the "sound" of your speaker booth or recording room, the better the recording will be. If you use the proximity effect than your room noise will be less importand but the sound of your speaker cabin will have greater impact if you move further away from the mic.

Ok, so let`s get started with some nice combinations that are in the "low price" range!

Neumann TLM 103 and A Design P1
Price (US) $1.900 or 1.800 € (Europe)

The Neumann TLM 103 is great for narration and costsonly one-thrid as much as its big brother, the U87. The Neumann TLM 103 delivers. This Mic is like milk chocolate and one of the quietest microphones available. If you use it in combination with the 500 Series A-Design P1 you can't go wrong. The P1 gives you exceptional sound quality with the classic vibe of some of the great vintage preamps.

Gefell M930 and Grace M101
Price (US) $2.000 or 1.750 € (Europe)

The Gefell mic is an insanely good mic for voiceover and extremly quit (like the Neumann TLM 103, but with highs that are not so crisp). You will find nothing substantially "better" until you hit stuff like the Brauner VM1 or Horch RM2J, which is 5 times the price. The Grace 101 has a stellar quality for a unbeatable price. It offers a clean and authentic sound with no EQ or compression - the kind that you normally get only from the expensive stuff. This combo sounds fantastic on your voice. It doesn`t color the voice so much but it will deliver every last bit of detail in the source.
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That's what I think too...

by noizy

It's not like I am deaf. If was, nobody would be asking me to record their shit.
I have some talent and every 4th or 5th try I can produce a "professional" sounding vocal or drum or harmonica performance. I am solidly "semi-pro" level.
Thing is, a "pro level" musician pulls it off almost every time. That's aint me.
The pro-level musicians deserve to work with pro-level musicans. It's pretty much neccesary for live work.
I think best to put my effort into what I'm good at--arranging vocals, and instrumentals, composing counterpoints, bailing the guitar player out of jail and sobering him up, buying the guitar player's wife a six pack and talking her out of pressing charges, sticking a microphone in someone's face, checking my levels, devising signal chains and riding faders

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