Best microphone for vocal recording

The song "Endgame" needs a lot of work.

by noizy

I kind of liked the lyrics and the basic song arrangement. I am somewhat unhappy with the absence of an audible "bass line". There's a big empty hole in the EQ spectrum there.
The quality of the vocals is "rank amateur." That's OK for a demo if that's the best vocalist you had to work with.
But you need to talk to your producer.
To me the real "crime" of that track though is the vocal production and the mixing of the vocals with the rest of the track. The microphone technique is bad. The levels are bad. The EQ is bad. Don't even get me started on compression

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The best microphone for recording vocals?

I'll also throw in a recommendation for the MXL 990 (holy crap, MF has them for $50 now?? Buy a dozen). I don't think you'll find a more capable vocal mic for a home studio without spending way, way more money than it's worth. Honestly, depending on what you intend to use the projects for, you can get away with using a lot of cheap Chinese equipment in a home studio. To me, it just doesn't make sense to use top-of-the-line mics in a sub-standard space (apologies if your home studio is acoustically perfect; most of us don't have that luxury).

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