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This excellent article from David Hogan explains how he acheived a pro quality RAP vocal recording on a shoe-string budget and includes audio examples.

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Author: Slik Nixin
Published: April 2011

There are many things that go into recording great Hip Hop vocals including using the right equipment properly, microphone placement, compression and EQ. We'll tackle these issues and ensure that you get a pristine and concise recording in every situation. Fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride!

How to record rap vocal in your own home studio vocal booth

The first step to recording great hip-hop vocals is having a good quality condenser microphone and preamplifier combo. When your starting out it’s easy to get lost in all of the allure of high-end equipment that is way too expensive for most of us to get our hands on.

We’ve all done it before - walked into some music store and drooled over the $10, 000 microphone in the glass case

Fortunately these days, if you’re not a zillionaire or running a major studio, you can get a good mic/preamp combo for $800 to $1, 000.

For good preamps in the $300 to $600 range, check out some Presonus models. They’re a great buy for the money. AKG also makes some great microphones in this price range.

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