Figure 1: iSpy monitoring 3

USB microphone Supervision software

Have Audio Detection work for you Plug a microphone in a computer and have it react to sound. Audio Zone Trigger is the first multi-purpose sound detection software. This opens the door for all kinds of projects, you can now setup an automation system at low cost!

Simply place audio triggers on the sound wave. They detect volume peaks and they perform the actions that you have selected.

Useful in such sectors as Art, Marketing, Quality control, statistics, security and monitoring, audio detection can now be used by anyone with a computer.

Use any sound capture device!

Audio Zone Trigger can capture sound from any source available on your computer's mixer, and from any sound-capable device:

  • Microphone
  • Webcam with sound
  • Computer's own mixer output
  • USB sound capture devices

Zone Trigger can do anything!

For each volume detecting trigger, you can choose from a wide range of actions that Zone Trigger will perform. Recording audio, playing sounds, executing commands on the computer... only a click away.

Fast and Friendly Technical Support

Omega Unfold software is backed by a rock-solid technical support service. We are very aware of the difficulties you face with computing, and we will always make sure you get the answers to your questions.

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Gift change for MP4 player

by tomxiong

I got a Newman MP4 player at , and I want to change it with you for a iPod if you have one. My Newman MP4 player is like this:
Highlighted Features
Thin-to-10mm design
It works like a player, a camera, and a camcorder: all in one.
FM radio
It supports to view maps
It can play music, video, photos, maps, games and electronic book.
General characteristics
Capacity options: 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G
2.4 inches 262 K colors QVGA TFT LCD (240*320)
Size: 88mm * 48mm * 10mm
Weight: 60g
Body color options: black

VTech VTech InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet- Blue
Toy (VTech)
  • WiFi secure sync to download apps from VTech?s Learning Lodge Navigator
  • 2GB on-board memory
  • 5 brilliant color touch screen
  • Video player/recorder, photo viewer, MP3 player, e-reader, art studio, motion games, microphone
  • SD card slot for expandable memory

Samson Meteorite review | USB Microphone | TrustedReviews  — TrustedReviews
The Samson Meteorite is a cracking little portable USB microphone that will be perfect for those that want to take the first step towards higher quality audio recordings. It's incredibly portable, easy to use and provides good quality sound.

Popular Q&A

Microphone/Recording question!?

What is a good USB microphone for music recordings, and good recording software (that isn't audacity) that has a great reverb.

I'm not looking for anything die-hard or to pay through the nose!

Any suggestions?

With music software, you generally get what you pay for. It's either great (expensive) or free (similar to Audacity). Reaper is the only one that stands out and is somewhere in between.

Reverb effects...there are hundreds of great, free ones available online. You can take your pick.

The only problem is USB microphones. They're vastly expensive and they don't come close to the real thing.

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