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Snowball USB microphone Review

The world's first professional USB mic offers plug and play, accurate, versatile input for your computer.

The Blue Snowball is an easy-to-use USB condenser microphone that captures unheard-of detail whether you're recording a band in a professional studio or an acoustic guitar in your living room. The Snowball mic is ideal for podcasting as well. Plug-and-play your Snowball microphone with your PC or Mac with no added software. The Snowball mic's 3-pattern switch allows you to choose from cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad, and omnidirectional. The dual-capsule design allows the Blue Snowball to handle anything you can throw at it, from soft vocals to loud garage bands. (No refrigeration necessary!)

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Hows This for a Deal?

by GoodBadWhat

Your dream computer package!!!!!
MEDION,German-Made Computer (1 Week Old)
Intel Pentium 4 processor @ 2.2 GHz
-400 MHZ Fron tside Bus
-512 KB L2 Cache
Samsung 512 MB DDR PC2700 SDRAM (Very Fast)
Seagate 120GB, 7200 RPM Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
Pioneer DVD-RW (4x/2/12x DVD), (16x/8x/32x CD/CDRW)
Sony 16x DVD-ROM (Plays DVD’s/CD’s)
Sony 3.5 Floppy Disc Drive
NVidia 64 MB GeForce4 MX440 Graphics Card
20 Bit AC97 Architecture (5.1 Surround Sound Compatible)

Samson Meteorite review | USB Microphone | TrustedReviews  — TrustedReviews
The Samson Meteorite is a cracking little portable USB microphone that will be perfect for those that want to take the first step towards higher quality audio recordings. It's incredibly portable, easy to use and provides good quality sound.

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