Skype Macintosh microphone USB

To use a new headset, microphone or speakers, including USB headsets, USB phones or multiple sound cards, you need to configure which device Skype should use.

  1. In Skype, in the menu bar click Skype Preferences and then select Audio/Video.
  2. Use the drop-down lists to select the appropriate devices for audio input (microphone), output (speakers) and the device that will ring when someone calls you on Skype.
  3. Try speaking into the microphone and see if the volume indicator lights up. If it does, the microphone is working properly.

By default, the microphone settings are adjusted automatically. You can disable this option by un-ticking the box. You can also adjust the microphone volume manually by moving the arrow to the desired level.

  1. Make sure the device you want to use as your camera is selected in the Camera drop-down list. If it is, you will be able to see your live video capture beneath it.
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Popular Q&A

Tritton AX Pro? (PC/Xbox)?

I want to do a co-op walkthrough for youtube with my friend, but the voice quality is really bad on Xbox Live. We both have Blue Yeti USB microphones, which we can use through skype and have amazing quality. I was just wondering how to hear the skype audio and the xbox audio through one Headset (Tritton AX Pro). Please help.

I believe that you need to have the appropriate audio card in order to hear the audio through the headset...

Good luck!

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