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Yes but unfortunately the interface with the PS3 is a bit complicated for a standard headset. Plugging in the headset using the USB card into the PS3 will allow you to use your microphone, but the headset will not output sound. Because the PS3 does not output sound to the headset (outputs through the TV) the headset must be connected to a TV headphone jack in addition. Here's a breakdown of what the setups would look like:

To use your microphone only: Headset -> USB card -> PS3
To use your sound only: Headset -> 3.5mm green cable (sound) -> TV headphone jack OR into RCA splitter -> RCA jacks

To use both microphone and sound:
3.5mm red (microphone) -> USB card -> PS3
3.5mm green (sound) -> 3.5mm extension cable -> TV headphone jack

This setup will have the two separate plugs from the headset itself going to separate inputs.

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Using a microphone/headset on g4 powerbook?

by bilbo89000

I need some help-
I don't know much about apple components, I'm a PC user myself, but my friend is trying to use a microphone/heaset on her G4 powerbook and she bought one at radio shack that doesn't work. I didn't know radio shack carried any apple components (or maybe thats why it doesnt work) but the one she bought has two imputs, one for mic one for speaker... and her powerbook only has a speaker jack so obviously the mic doesn't work.
What does she need to do?
I told her she needs to go to the apple store, not radio shack, but I am assuming she needs a USB

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Are regular USB computer microphone and head sets compatible with the PlayStation 2?

Yes, most usb headsets with microphones are compatible with the Playstation 2. Thanks for using ChaCha!

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