24 bit USB microphone

The MXL USB.009 Large Diaphragm USB Studio Microphone is a professional, large diaphragm condenser microphone with a USB output for direct connection to Mac and Windows based computers. Professional and project recording artists and engineers will enjoy the convenience of USB integration without sacrificing professional microphone quality and sound.

The USB.009 is capable of 24-bit / 96kHz resolution for superb recording results with professional software titles. A 1/8" (3.5mm) mini output headphone jack provides latency free audio monitoring and independent level control.

A microphone input gain control is also featured for added convenience and control. The kit includes the USB.009 microphone, desktop stand, stand adapter, 10' (3 m) USB cable, cleaning cloth and aluminum storage case.

  • USB.009 USB Microphone
  • 10' (3 m) USB cable
  • Desktop Stand
  • Mic Stand Adapter
  • Cleaning Cloth

WAY better than any I-pod, and cheaper

by uncle_pervy

The M-Audio MicroTrack II - Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder
It records via a line from a device - or with a microphone, or play any .WAV or MP3 file uploaded from a PC or MAC. It plays back and records .WAV files or MP3. It has SD and microdrive card slots for storage - 1 GB will store 100 mins of music in 24 bit mode, 250 in 16 bit mode (I have a 20 GB card at the moment that will play for 36 hours without repeating a song)
I can record any CD to MP3 or WAV, or any other source - like XM radio.
It's 24 bit (I-Pods are 16 bit) resolution, and I can plug it into any stereo equipment with a 1/8th inch minijack or RCA cables (no special dock needed)
Charges on the USB port - battery can be replaced - comes with a great PC software bundle
Can be had for $199

Marshall Electronics Inc. MXL USB 009 24BIT/96KHZ USB Condenser Mic
Musical Instruments (Marshall Electronics Inc.)
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A 96 kHz recording
  • 114 dB dynamic range, Zero latency monitoring
  • Analog gain control before A/D
  • Includes Mic, Aluminum flight case, Desktop stand, 10 feet USB Cable, cleaning cloth, manual.

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Camcorder Microphone question?

I have a camcorder and I was looking into shotgun microphones. As I was looking, I realized I wanted a boom arm but yet it didn't seem like any shotgun microphone that was compatible with my camcorder was compatible with a boom stand! So my question is 'Is there such a microphone that is compatible with a boom arm and a standard camcorder microphone output?

you never use a shotgun with a boom arm. a shotgun mic is very directional and must be pointed accurately, much like aiming a rifle. that can't be done if it is hanging of the end of a boom. a shotgun mounted to a camcorder works because the camera becomes the aiming device.

the purpose of a boom arm is to get a mic close to the subject but still out of the shot. the mic on a boom arm should be a small omni. small size makes it less visible and easier for the boom operator to hold. light weight equipment like fishing rod is the ticket.

if you can put a mic on the talent/host t…

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