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Do Mics really sound different?

Yes. Every mic "colors" the sound in one way or another, much like the way speakers color the sound of your home stereo. Some mics try to be "transparent" but this is not always desirable. With vocals and many instruments, for example, you want a mic with some presence boost for that pro-sounding "sheen".

What is this directional pattern nonsense?

What are you? a Drummer? Then you above all need a uni-directional mic so when close miking they pick of what it is pointing at, not everything in the room, like an omni directional mic does. Cardioid mics are directional because they pick up everything in the heart-shaped pattern in front of the mic. A Bi-directional pattern is also called a "figure 8" pattern cause that is how it looks on a graph. You can record from the front and back but not the sides.

What is Phantom Power?

Condenser mics output a weak signal that must be boosted so the mixer's preamp can boost it further into a useable signal. Some condenser mics use batteries to do this. Other's rely on getting this power from the mixing board. Boards that feature phantom power send a voltage down the mic cable to the mic which is used to amplify the signal there. The signal then arrives at the preamp and is further amped. Dynamic mics do not need phantom power. You can read more in the forums about it and in this article by Shure

What's a -10 pad?

A Pad refers to attenuation, or a lowering of volume, output or loudness. A -10 pad reduces the sensitivity of the microphone by 10 decibels so it can withstand louder sounds like drums, cymbals, screaming vocalists and other awfully loud things. Some mics may have -20 pads or -15 pads. You normally cannot adjust this-its on or off.

What's Bass Roll-off?

Some mics have a switch that cuts the lower bass frequencies that the mic pics up. Why? When you record with a quality microphone you will find there is more bass in your environment than you thought. If you are recording close to an ventilation system vent you will find that even a normal rush of air coming out is enough to make a thundering...

Would you like to know what my equipment

by minute-man

List consists of:
Peavey SPG 1 Speakers (2)
Korg i2 keyboards (2)
Korg i5m's (4)
Peavey floor monitor/speakers (4)
Complete Digital Light Show
Traynor Speakers (4)
Peavey 600 Mixer (1)
Shure SM58 cordless mic's (2)
Cordless Microphones for guests (4)
Corded microphones for guests (8)
Acer Aspire Laptop Computers (2)
Toshiba Laptops (2)
Miscellaneous Equipment for keeps or sale/trade
SWB Bass Amp
Fender Jazz Bass
Mackie 800 Stereo Amplifier
Mackie In Studio Mixer
Must I go on?
I guess you can see that I know what I am talking about because ANYONE who is ANYONE that KNOWS music KNOW that they would cut off their b-lls to have a set up like this one!
Anything else you want to know?
Lived too many lifetimes in one, try it, the knowledge received is as much as you can consume in one lifetime.

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These include microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. Sennheiser was in the news recently with the launch of its PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95 headphones in India.

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Camcorder Microphone question?

I have a camcorder and I was looking into shotgun microphones. As I was looking, I realized I wanted a boom arm but yet it didn't seem like any shotgun microphone that was compatible with my camcorder was compatible with a boom stand! So my question is 'Is there such a microphone that is compatible with a boom arm and a standard camcorder microphone output?

you never use a shotgun with a boom arm. a shotgun mic is very directional and must be pointed accurately, much like aiming a rifle. that can't be done if it is hanging of the end of a boom. a shotgun mounted to a camcorder works because the camera becomes the aiming device.

the purpose of a boom arm is to get a mic close to the subject but still out of the shot. the mic on a boom arm should be a small omni. small size makes it less visible and easier for the boom operator to hold. light weight equipment like fishing rod is the ticket.

if you can put a mic on the talent/host t…

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