The Key Studio Sessions: Mic

Rapping studio microphone

This microphone is simply, it's like it captures nothing but your vocals, it's perfect for music as it has excellent rich tones, and a nice frequency range, this sl150 feels and sounds like it's worth about £300+ price. It's really easy to use, just plug and go. I found the extra long cable incredibly useful when Im recording too. The blue light is an excellent feature. One of the first things you notice is the high quality metal used. On top of that I was to surprised there was a 2 year warranty, it's just perfect, I actually can't imagine a better mic at all. It also comes in a really useful storage box + a shock mount which attaches to any microphone stand. It looks very nice to and is sure to look great no matter what environment you working in. The blue yeti actually is slightly worse than this mic n terms of quality but yet costs more, this product is just amazing. *****


I bought sl150 micphone for a project, and had a problem with it i contacted MAC BROWN and the customer service was very very good a few emails to help him and the problem was resolve.with the product i bought i must say it is well built does the job like a professional i am very pleased and will defiantly recommend this company to any body in the media.

Professional sound at low price.

I've been using the SL150 for almost 4 years now, and still using it, mostly for vocals recording. It's a USB microphone which makes it really easy to use, no need of fancy amp, plug it in, and you are ready to go. No driver is needed.

It's beautifully designed and top quality material, I've dropped it a couple of times unintentionally while moving my materials around, it never broke and I've never experienced any deficiency with the sound.

It comes in a solid black briefcase, when opening it up you are greeted with the microphone itself, the cord which is very long in most cases, you will not need any additional cord, a 34mm internal shock mount and user's manual. On the top part of the briefcase you will find one layer of acoustic foam as well as the bottom part, where the materials are protected with what seems to be a solid charcoal firm foam.

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Editors Keys Studio Series SL150 USB Condensor Microphone
Musical Instruments (Editors Keys)
  • USB Microphone
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Perfect for Vocals, instruments and podcasting.
  • Huge Dual 34mm internal shock mounted diaphragms.
  • Built in drivers, so no installation disc required.
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