Microphones in Studios

This microphone is THE modern vocal mic. For many studios and engineers the U87 is the default microphone for voice over and vocals because it delivers a bright, punchy, and modern sound. But vocals are not all this microphone can do. Try it out on other acoustic sources such as upright bass, acoustic guitar, or as room mics. Its switchable polar patterns (cardiod, figure of eight, and omni) increase the mic’s versatility. Be warned though, the U87 has a fairly high output voltage, so use the microphone’s pad for loud sources.

Recommended Applications: Vocals, Voice Over, Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass, Room mics.

Neumann U47 (Tube and FET)

Neumann U47 Tube
Neumann U47 FET

This vintage microphone comes in two types: a tube circuit design and the more modern FET design. Both versions are excellent mics. The great thing about the U47 is that it sounds good on almost anything. Its sound is commonly described as warm, full, and round.

Recommended Applications: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drum Overheads, Room mics.

AKG C414

This microphone has been released and re-released over the years because it is such a great workhorse. It has four switchable polar patterns (cardiod, hypercardiod, figure of eight, and omni), a 0-10-20db selectable pad, and a 0-75-150Hz low end rolloff filter.

The 414 sounds good on almost everything, but in my opinion it sounds great on only a few things. While some vocals and voice-overs sound fantastic on a 414, keep in mind that every person’s voice is different. So, if your standby vocal mic just isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try another. The 414's are great on toms, but watch out. Don’t let your drummer whack them and dent the screens!

Recommended Applications: Vocals, Voice Over, Toms, Acoustic Guitar, Room mics.

Royer R121

The Royer R121 is a warm ribbon mic that sounds great on a lot of instruments. It is a figure of eight polar pattern, where the rear lobe is actually brighter than the front lobe. So, if you want a brighter sound, turn this baby around. The R121 is also designed to take high SPL levels so don’t be afraid to put this thing in front of a guitar amp.

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Seeking Bands/Musicians Interested In Recording

by AnalogPhosphenes

Are you (or your band) in need of an Demo, EP, Album, or just a recording in general?
We're here to help!
Phosphene Productions is currently looking for new acts to work with!
We work out of a beautiful studio in the hills of West Austin(Stinson Studios City Park: all of which is spec'd out with Pro Tools HD and a bounty of high quality 'industry standard' microphones and pre-amplifiers.
If your interested please send me an e-mail and we can discuss your project further!
Feel free to leave links to your music if you have any!

Maybe, but its still calming to hear

by Acumagnet

I'm a little surprised that Oliver Sacks doesn't cover whispering in his books. Or maybe he does and I missed it? There are certain tones that give natural tingles to people, and I think the whispering is a big part of it and has made music popular. This is why the singers need microphones and sound studios, so you can capture the breathy tones of a whisper.
Screaming and yelling never seems to make the top hits. But a nice melodious whisper, whether sinister or not, seems to have a better chance of capturing the audiences attention.
ASMR maybe be a lot about whispering.

Gadgets from Hyderabad, Fin & more  — Free Press Journal
These include microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. Sennheiser was in the news recently with the launch of its PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95 headphones in India.

Blue Microphones Blue Microphones Snowball Plug-and-Play USB Microphone in Brushed Aluminum with Studio Headphones and Microphone Pop Filter
Musical Instruments (Blue Microphones)
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