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home studioToday it is within anyone's reach to build their own home recording studios. With quality interfaces and pre-amps getting increasingly more affordable, everyone that likes making music wants to create a home recording studio in their house or apartment.

Some people make do with only getting a small interface and a microphone to demo their recordings into the computer. Others want to compete with the big boys and make a living out of their spare bedroom.

With a little equipment, some acoustic considerations and a little DIY you can create a nice little home recording studio in whatever spare space you have available.

The Equipment

control roomHome recording studios can be all sorts and sizes, from small voiceover studios in a corner, a basement studio or a converted garage.

Whatever the size of your studio, there are some essential equipment that you will need to record audio and do some studio work.

Acoustic Folk will call for some nice condensers, while electronic musicians might favor investing in some good synths and midi controllers.

One room?

Acoustic treatment is somewhat difficult to grasp, but if you follow some of the advice on this page you should be able to make your home studio sound a little better. For a more in-depth guide on acoustic treatment and your room, check out

Big commercial studios consist of a few areas, but the need for home recording studios to conserve space often means that the recording area and the control room are one and the same space.Mixing Strategies When you are both recording and mixing in the same room you need to consider a few things so you can accommodate both aspects of your audio production.

The pictures on this page were taken from a workshop that was converted into a home studio. See how you can build a home recording studio like theirs here, with a picture tour of their home studio.

Dead room?

I've found that by trying the deaden the room as much as possible you can achieve much better results than by trying to keep it too “live”.

It's impossible to take away a roomy sound from a recording so a deader room might be a better bet. However, too much absorption can make for an unnatural listening experience so you might have to try experimenting with diffusers as well.

With the careful combination of absorption and diffusion you can create a pleasing listening space, that's also effective for recording. If you take the really dead room route, one of the things you have to be careful about is not adding too much reverb to your mixes. Mixing in a very dead control room means that you are less likely to hear the effect your mix has when listened back in a normal room.

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Popular Q&A

What is the circle around a microphone in a recording studio?

It's probably either a shock mount or a pop filter. Without seeing exactly what you are asking about it's hard to say.A pop filter is an independent piece that goes in front of the mic. This is to help keep spit off of the mic, and to lessen the sound of s's and p's.A shock mount is usually a round piece that the mic sits in. Usually the shock mount is connected to the mic stand, and then the mic is placed in it keeping it somewhat suspended in air.

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