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rode nt2-a condenser microphoneI still remember the first time I’ve ever built a home recording studio. I was about 16 and I had a dream of becoming a music star. Man, the audio equipment was so expensive at that time (at least for my budget), so I had to do a lot of improvisation. Time flies and the home studio equipment got affordable, new audio interfaces and microphones were released, older mics got cheaper. If you want to upgrade your recording setup or you want to build your first recording studio, I’m going to recommend a list with the best microphones for a home studio you can buy in 2014. The mics are in no particular order, and prices may vary, but one thing is certain: they are affordable and are of great quality.

Before starting, I want to say that this list does not contains the cheapest mics you can buy.AKG Perception 420 These microphones are affordable, but are not necessarily cheap. When I compiled the list, I had in mind the best ratio between price and quality. When you buy any of these mics you know that you made the best possible acquisition for that price.

Rode is a microphone produced in Australia, and this version, the NT2a, falls into the NT2000 line, which was very praised by the buyers. This condenser microphone has a large variety of selectable polar patterns, pads and switches that are incorporated directly into the mic. But, Rode NT2a is more than that, because in no matter what application you will use it for, it will capture the best possible sound. It’s perfect for vocals, but if you want to record instruments (a guitar), it’s the perfect choice.ACK C214 It is very quiet when it comes to self noise, and you will notice the perfect mid-range response, the clear low end and it has a great presence. You will find Rode-NT2a in most online stores , you can’t buy anything better in that price range (maybe ACK C214). You can check this great recording setup that I love with its older brother, Rode NT1a.

AKG Perception 420
This microphone has the legendary quality of AKG mics, and this mic is the latest edition of the much praised Perception line of ACK microphones. Perception 420 features a -20dB pad switch and a bass cut filter switch that allows you to record your vocals without those unwanted low frequencies. This mic is , and in that price range, it’s the best choice you can make. The package also contains a shock mount.

Neumann TLM 102 AT4040
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Pretty good

by frobs11

I'd call it the best camera for that price. I'd go for it.
FYI, Downsides are:
* Limited lens compatibility (no autofocus motor, so many Nikon lenses won't work)
* Autofocus is slow enough to be completely useless in live view mode (try it in a store)
* Video mode isn't up to par with Canon and friends. You get limited resolution, awkward frame rate, horrible audio (11kHz with low quality built-in microphone, and no microphone input, and the kit lens will give you lots of image stabilizer noise).
Stepping up, Canon 550D is an amazing camera (albeit without the pivot LCD)

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