Blue Microphones Blueberry

Blue Blueberry microphone Review

By Semi-Popular Recording Artist from Kansas City, MO
Music Background: Recording Artist

No exaggeration, this microphone is the best sounding option for my vocals. I have a very unique tenor voice so great mics have been difficult to come by. After comparing this mic with several other big name brands, paired up with the Robbie Mic Pre, this mic was the solution hands down.

Great for most things!

by Marc from MA
Music Background: Studio Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Studio Tech.

After using an Audix dynamic and a Sp C1 to record my voice for 2 years, I decided to step up to decent mic that suited my voice. And that's just what this is. I have a thicker huskier tenor voice and any mic showing signs of darkness or with an extended proximity effect makes my voice muffled and almost impossible to mix without tons of eq. The first time I recorded with this I was only 2 inches away, but that fake bass was gone and there was a nice presence to my voice that I have never heard before. The reason why I don't give it 5 stars is because I used it on a female belter with a very pronounced voice and it just made her sound tinny. So this mic is not for everything, but if you have a boomy instrument and you want to tame it, this may be the best option out there under 1k

Don't Be Fooled By The Price!!

by Wil Key from Denver, CO
Music Background: Artsist, Producer

I used this microphone on recent CD project at a studio where we had access to well-known top microphones (Neumann, Gefell, Schoeps, AKG and AT, etc). This mic often won out over mics costing 3X to 5X as much. Very intimate and warm on vocals, brings out a sultry-jazzy sound especially on female alto voices. Great on hi-hats too. The BLUEBERRY holds its own against the big boy mics!!!

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Pretty good

by frobs11

I'd call it the best camera for that price. I'd go for it.
FYI, Downsides are:
* Limited lens compatibility (no autofocus motor, so many Nikon lenses won't work)
* Autofocus is slow enough to be completely useless in live view mode (try it in a store)
* Video mode isn't up to par with Canon and friends. You get limited resolution, awkward frame rate, horrible audio (11kHz with low quality built-in microphone, and no microphone input, and the kit lens will give you lots of image stabilizer noise).
Stepping up, Canon 550D is an amazing camera (albeit without the pivot LCD)

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