White Microphone stand

Bon Jovi In Concert

The legend of Bon Jovi’s white mic stand, 1 of 2

It’s been there from the very beginning, and has appeared in almost every musicvideo and concert performance from the small rock clubs in Jersey to the biggest outdoor venues in the world.

And, it even has the high honor and distinction of having Jon Bon Jovi all to itself, so closely intimate that women around the world would trade places with it in a heartbeat…and we’re NOT talking about Matt.

When off to the side on the stage while Richie Sambora steps up to croon and Jon Bon Jovi changes a soaked shirt and shoots a shot of ginseng, it is still and unassuming.

Patiently it waits for the firm grip of those hands and the gentle touch of those lips those eyes against its’ proud white stillness.Like any loyal band member, it knows when to stand off to the side in quiet support of the derring-do driving thousands wild on stage.

Other times, it is bathed in electric while light or flickers and pumps to searchlight prisms that illuminate its’ milky incandescence.

Of itself, it is lifeless, immobile, and powerless until gripped or embraced in such a way that it seemingly comes to life.

It’s a Rock-n-Roll King’s turgid staff that holds the microphone that delivers Bon Jovi’s voice to millions in JoviNation.

No band member shares the same focal point as the Infamous White Microphone stand; and fans everywhere would make a deal with the Devil himself to possess it’s power and be privy to every secret it would tell if only it could speak.

Mock us others will who do not comprehend that the White Mic is as holy to JoviNation like a member of the band.

After all, it supports that black bullet microphone that Jon Bon Jovi is intimate with on a regular basis.

At times, it resurrects him, giving him strength when he can’t sing another note; and other times he’s been known to twirl it in an arrogant this-cock-owns-the-bitches-in-the-hen house-strut.

A magicians wand perhaps; or simply some phantasmic prop conducting this rock and roll revival like a Beatles Sargent Pepper on steroids.

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I have read anecdotal reports

by BlastroKnow

About using condoms for microphone protection but it does just seem like part of the freq range is going to be impeded. It certainly would be easy enough {especially if you have 2 of those things since you are talking blumlein} to set both mics up one sheathed and one not and record some white noise and look for any frequency suppression with spectral analysis.
And blumlein at the beach brings up 2 logistic questions - how are you powering those things? and blumlein takes some tricky stand work to get configured so extra stand parts to haul and a flat solid place to actually set them up.

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