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Stackable Microphone stand

The K&M Topline Series 26075 Stackable One-Hand Microphone Stand is an ideal solution for churches, auditoriums, and theaters where storage space is limited and quality mic stands are essential. Outfitted with a heavy, round base with a cutout design, these stands stack five high, saving space in your equipment locker. K&M's Soft-Touch one-hand clutch makes adjusting the height of the 26075 mic stand on the fly easy and something any performer will appreciate. And with an adjustable height from 42" to 70", the K&M microphone stand is also extremely versatile.

K&M Topline Series 26075 Stackable One-Hand Microphone Stand Features:
  • Heavy-duty microphone stand that's perfect for churches, auditoriums, and theaters with limited storage space
  • Heavyweight round base features a built-in groove and contour that lets you stack up to five stands
  • Soft-Touch, one-handed clutch mechanism makes on-the-fly height adjustment easy
  • Matte black finish is unobtrusive and won't reflect intense stage light
  • Height-adjustable from 41.73" to 70.47"

K&M's Topline Series 26075 Stackable One-Hand Microphone Stand lets you save space without sacrificing quality!

Tech Specs

Base Type Weighted, Stackable
Height Type Normal
Boom Arm No boom arm
Tube Materials Aluminum
Height 41.73" to 70.47"
Weight 6.652 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number

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Ultimate Support Ultimate Support LIVESB Microphone Stand
Musical Instruments (Ultimate Support)
  • Ulitimate Support LIVE SERIES MIC STAND 1 HAND AD
  • Ultimate Support LIVE SERIES MIC STAND 1 HAND AD

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On Stage On Stage MS7325 Stackable Microphone Stand
Musical Instruments (On Stage)
  • Up to five MS7325 s can be stacked for storage and/or transport
  • 9.85 weighted base provides excellent stability
  • Mid-point clutch
  • Height adjustment from 34 to 61
Ultimate Support Ultimate Support PRO-SB Stackable Base Mic Stand
Musical Instruments (Ultimate Support)
  • Patented universal mic attachment with top threads that fit U.S. and metric threaded mic clips and accessories Overmolded clutch Thick steel tubing Field replaceable...
Ultimate Support Ultimate Support Live-ST Live Series Microphone Stand with One-handed Height Adjustment, Durable Lightweight Aluminum Construction, and Weighted Base - 2 Pack
Musical Instruments (Ultimate Support)
  • Ergo Clutch - One-handed Height Adjustment
  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Available With Three Different Bases
  • Patented Universal Mic Attachment
  • Live Series microphone stand that s perfect for your needs!
Ultimate Support Ultimate Support Ultimate Support PRO-SB Stackable Base Mic Stand 2-Pack (Standard)
Musical Instruments (Ultimate Support)
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