The existing mic stand:

Music Stands with Microphone

Whether for recording lyrics, displaying sheet music, tabs, or whatever, your iPad may be the most useful thing to hit the studio since gaffer tape.

Griffin's Mic Stand Mount for iPad screws on to a standard microphone stand boom (5/8" with 27 threads/inch for those of you playing along at home) so you can raise or lower your iPad to the perfect height. It also slips into most standard mic clips.

Rubber-lined grips at the ends of the Mic Stand Mount's four arms hold your iPad securely on all four corners without blocking the controls, dock connector or audio jack. The mount rotates and locks into either portrait or landscape view, and tilts up to 90 degrees. And you can leave your iPad in its case; the grips accommodate most cases for iPad.

Griffin's Mic Stand Mount for iPad: the most secure way to mount your iPad in the studio (at least until your entourage grows to include "Dude Who Holds My iPad Like a Music Stand.")

NOTE: Just as you would with an expensive mic or other equipment, make sure your mic stand and boom are properly counterweighted, tightened and positioned to support the weight of your iPad. If you're using Mic Stand Mount on a boom, we recommend aligning the boom with one of the legs of your stand to provide an extra element of stability. And mind your windmills.


  • Mount your iPad on a mic stand
  • Screws onto industry standard (5/8" 27-thread-per-inch) microphone stands
  • Fully adjustable tilt and swivel; locks safely and positively into landscape or portrait orientation
  • Rubber inserts securely grip your iPad on its four corners
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Dayton Audio Talent iCLaw Mic/Music Stand Holder for iPad
Musical Instruments (Dayton Audio)
  • Attaches an iPad to a microphone stand or desk (up to 1 thick)
  • Includes snap-in claws for all iPads, including the iPad mini
  • Also excellent for exercise equipment
  • Clamp-on assembly is removable for direct stand attachment
  • Makes a great iPad headrest mount in your car
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