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Atlas Sound MS-10 Mic Stands

Road rage

Fall Out Boy subjects their microphone stands to a withering assault. The post-punk rockers out of Chicago selected Atlas as their stand of choice for their heavy road tour schedule for reasons that are unarguable. As the band’s bassist Pete Wentz put it, "We get onstage and thrash and Atlas mic stands are awesome because they hold up. All summer on the Warped tour, I made my best attempt to break them and they would not break."

The classic MS-10 round base mic stand is the Fall Out Boy’s main target of abuse. This incredibly durable and stable stand retains all the features that made it famous: an easily adjustable, three-piece clutch with dependable locking; and the 10" die-cast circular base with edge-concentrated weight distribution and rubber shock-absorbing pads.

William Beckett, vocalist for The Academy Is . . ., another hot new band on the scene renowned for their very physical stage show, remarks " . . . I was breaking a lot of mic stands that belonged to the clubs. The quality of club mic stands is unpredictable and they’re totally unstable. I would pick it up and it would fall into three pieces . . . In comparison to the other stands, well, there really is no comparison. We’re thrilled to be using Atlas at all our shows." William eventually chose Atlas MS-12 stands for club dates so he didn’t have to worry about replacing the clubs’ damaged stands after the show. The band goes so far as to carry extra Atlas stands on their tour bus just in case a club is unable to furnish them.

Atlas Sound Mic StandsIndustry heavies

When it comes to miking drums and instrument amplifiers, DMS Series and Performer Series booms are the stands of choice. The combination of either the DMS10E or shorter DMS7E, when paired with a matching PB boom makes a knockout combination for seated performers and close miking of drums, percussion, and instrument amplifiers. PB Series boom arms come in your choice of regular and extended lengths and feature a 3/4-pound counterweight that keeps the stand well balanced even when holding a heavy microphone.

Good kick drum mics are usually large, heavy, and often quite expensive. The last thing you want is to have your prize kick mic dumped onto the floor by a lightweight stand that’s not up to the task. The DMS Series stands have an oversized 10" cast base that provides maximum stability and protection for these microphones.

Studio stalwarts

In the recording studio, entrusting valuable equipment like high-end condenser microphones to suspect microphone stands can have catastrophic results. Atlas designed their studio mic stands with this in mind, born of decades of experience.

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Not too difficult

by heres_what_ya_need

You need a mic (could be lavalier or wireless -- about $100)
a microphone pre-amplifier
a headphone amplifier (4 to 8 outputs)
and long cables to plug the listeners' headphones into the headphone amp.
i cannot think of a way to get wireless connectivity to multiple sets of listener headphones-- i imagine that the radio-frequency wireless headphones from radio shack will conflict, but have no experience with them.

Gadgets from Hyderabad, Fin & more  — Free Press Journal
These include microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. Sennheiser was in the news recently with the launch of its PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95 headphones in India.

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy an Atlas MC20 microphone stand in the UK? Google just lists US sites! Thx?

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