Whirlwind Medusa Snake 24 x 8

Whirlwind 100 Foot XLR Microphone cables

High-performance XLR cable!

For more than 30 years, Whirlwind has been producing high-quality audio cables with musicians in mind. You can benefit from their experience on the stage or in the studio with their workhorse cable, the MC20. They come in 20-foot lengths, so you can route them wherever they are needed.

Balanced for clean audio

XLR cables are the most common format in your rig. You connect them to your microphones, patch them to the mixer or the snake, and run them out to powered speakers. The MC20 is a balanced XLR to XLR cable, designed to handle any of these duties while preventing unwanted interference from entering the signal path. Outfit your whole rig with these balanced cables for clean, noise-free music!

Quality components

As with all their cables, MC20's are built to Whirlwind's exacting specifications, using only the finest components. The XLR connectors have excellent strain-relief to prevent damage no matter how many times you plug and unplug them. Whether your cables stay connected in the studio or you take them out on the road, you'll have years of trouble-free use. No more tedious hours spent looking for a short circuit.

Flexible and durable

On tour, cables come out of the van, get uncoiled for the show, then wrapped up again for the trip to the next venue. They get stepped on, twisted around mic stands, and tripped-over. All this wear can take its toll, leading to cracks, shorts, and ultimately, poor sound quality. Whirlwind uses a finely stranded 22-gauge wire for the MC20's center core, and a strong, supple jacket to ward off nicks and scrapes. Your cables will have the toughness and flexibility to stand up to heavy road abuse, no matter how long you're on tour. No one wants to hunt for a music store 20 minutes before the gig, so make sure your cables are reliable and ready to rock when you are.

Not too difficult

by heres_what_ya_need

You need a mic (could be lavalier or wireless -- about $100)
a microphone pre-amplifier
a headphone amplifier (4 to 8 outputs)
and long cables to plug the listeners' headphones into the headphone amp.
i cannot think of a way to get wireless connectivity to multiple sets of listener headphones-- i imagine that the radio-frequency wireless headphones from radio shack will conflict, but have no experience with them.

LyxPro LyxPro LCS Premium Series 100 ft XLR Microphone Cable for Professional Microphones and Devices, Black
CE (LyxPro)
  • Twin conductive PVC inner shields as well as a 98% braided shield
  • Cotton Yarn wrap reduces noise
  • Black metal housing connectors; cable strain relief with gold plated contacts
  • High Quality XLR Microphone Cable & Road worthy
  • 5 year complimentary warranty

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Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc. Seismic Audio - SARLX-8x100 - 8 Channel XLR Snake Cable - 100 Feet Long - Pro Audio Snake for Live Live, Recording, Studios, and Gigs - Patch, Amp, Mixer, Audio Interface 100'
Musical Instruments (Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc.)
  • Model Number: SARLX-8x100 (8 Channel Snake)
  • 8 each female XLR & male XLR connectors - 100 Feet (fantail to fantail)
  • Numerically labeled for quick and easy set up - 22 Gauge Copper Wire
  • Color Coded - Shielded
  • Brand New - One year warranty
Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc. Seismic Audio - SACE-16x4x100 - 16 Channel XLR Sends and 4 Channel XLR Returns on Fantail, 1/4" Returns on Box End Snake Cable - 100 Feet
Musical Instruments (Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc.)
  • Model Number: SACE-16x4x100 (16 Channel Snake Cable) 100 feet
  • Sends: 16 XLR Male Connectors - Returns: 4 XLR Female Connectors on Fantail - 1/4 on Box End
  • Stage box is numerically labeled with a white surface for self-labeling each channel - High quality XLR and 1/4 connectors
  • Fantail is color coded and numerically labeled - Heavy Duty Strain Relief on both ends
  • 100% shielded individually shielded pairs, 22 gauge conductors, Steel Stage box with handle - New with one year warranty
Whirlwind Whirlwind MK4 100 Foot LoZ High-quality Microphone Cable
Musical Instruments (Whirlwind)
  • MK cables are extremely flexible, resistant to handling noise, and reliable under the roughest conditions.
Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc. Seismic Audio - SAJT-24x8x100 - 24 Channel 100' XLR Snake Cable with 1/4" Returns
Musical Instruments (Seismic Audio Speakers, Inc.)
  • Model Number: SAJT-24x8x100
  • Sends: 24 XLR
  • Returns: 8 1/4 TRS
  • Length: 100 Feet
  • Brand New with One Year Warranty

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Xlr input/output or 1/4" line?

the type of connector really only matters for what you are connecting it to. Because the majority of mic preamps have XLR inputs, XLR would be the way to go (and TRS is just a pain in the neck, really). a dynamic microphone will have no benefit from receiving phantom power, and in fact, it is preferable to not apply phantom power unless it is needed, as a poorly wired cable can permanently and adversely effect the microphone's performance if phantom power is applied to it. on a microphone like a 58, it would barely be noticeable even in a controlled quality listening environment with di…

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