Microphone Cabling

belden1772_2221_microphone_cable Super-Strong Analog Microphone Cable

Featuring a minimum pull strength of 250 lbs., the 1776 Super-strong Analog Microphone Cable is the strongest microphone cable ever manufactured by Belden. Built with high strength custom alloy conductors and a tough EPDM rubber jacket, the cable is engineered to withstand rough handling and constant abuse. Its ultra-rugged construction is ideal for both studio and live applications, particularly those where cables are being damaged and discarded. Cost saving put-ups of 250 ft. are offered.

Compact Digital Microphone Cable

For applications where full-size microphone cables are just too big, the Belden 2221 Compact Microphone Cable is an ideal solution. Oftentimes, hand-held solid-state recording devices (SSD) use miniature microphone connectors from Lemo, Neutrik or Switchcraft (such as the Switchcraft TA3F/TA3M). The Belden 2221 Compact Microphone Cable is an excellent choice for those connectors as well as for the hand-held SSD recorders that use Bantam or TT jacks as the balanced line input. With an impedance of 110 ohms, the cable can carry digital audio and its ultra-low capacitance (13 pF/ft.) makes it the finest performing digital cable available today. The cable is also ideal for use as an analog or digital patch cable where Bantam or TT patch connectors are used. It can also be used as DMX lighting control cable when small size and flexibility are desired.

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Microphone and preamp question

I have a basic knowledge of recording technology and have a question regarding mics and preamps.
when it comes to recording, I'd imagine it comes down to these factors.
1. the performance
2. the mic
3. the preamp
4. the recording medium
and the cabling between.
With microphones and preamps I know that a lot of engineers will recommend using incredible yet very expensive microphones, and if one can't afford them, then rent them. It seems that technology prices go down over time, every where, with the exception of preamps and mics

Are you complaining because your posts

by got-flagged?

If so, get over it.
Or, if you think those posts should be flagged, get a life.
Otherwise, yeah, all that stuff sounds like fair game for Musical Instruments to me. Same for lighting systems, band vans, cabling & snakes, microphone & speaker stands, vaccum tubes (at least of the 6L6/EL34/12Ax7/etc. types), Speak-and-Spells for circuit bending, etc. Basically, anything that would ordinarily be used in a music club.
The music-related things that DON'T belong there would be things like musical toys, video game controllers, home stereo systems (there are big differences between the power amps, casseette decks, and turntables for home vs

Aurum Cables Aurum Cables - Pro Series Instrument Cable (75 Feet)
Musical Instruments (Aurum Cables)
  • Aurum Cables instrument cables for connecting all your instruments and amps
  • perfect for small gigs and events such as parties etc.
  • Good for use with DJ equipment or Guitars and other musical instruments
  • Works with any standard rated instrument jacks
  • Great for the aspiring musician!

Gadgets from Hyderabad, Fin & more  — Free Press Journal
These include microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. Sennheiser was in the news recently with the launch of its PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95 headphones in India.

THE-SECURITY-STORE ICOM Radio Earpiece (Heavy Duty Two Wire Kevlar Headset with Large PTT Microphone) THE-SECURITY-STORE
GPS or Navigation System (THE-SECURITY-STORE)
  • Made in United Kingdom THE-SECURITY-STORE product direct from authorized THE-SECURITY-STORE retailer or fulfilled by Amazon. THE-SECURITY-STORE headsets are 100%...
  • This THE-SECURITY-STORE earpiece fitted with good quality Kevlar cabling and strain relief that is built to last. Sound quality and the clarity are exceptiona. Highly...
  • Suitable for down sleeve, under clothing operation or can be clipped near the lapel or to the vest.
  • Package included: Black wired earpiece + clear acoustic tube with earbud + spare earbud
  • 2-Jack (3.5 mm Mono and 2.5 mm Mono, Space Between is 6.7 mm). This THE-SECURITY-STORE headset compatible with ICOM radios that required two pin plug including:...
How to repair a microphone cable
How to repair a microphone cable
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Hosa Cable MCL105 Series Microphone Cables - 5 Foot Review
meiminginc Sell well!quality product, White Salar A566 Computer music sports headphones with microphone, Quality assurance!
PC Accessory (meiminginc)
  • Extend the life of steel headband headset, even the headphones fall or be stepped on, it will not affect its shape. Besides,manufactured headphones ear pads by...
  • Earmuffs part of the full face of the cortex using large ear pads, the first beam at a leather pad is also used, even for a long time will feel more comfortable...
  • Mic Dimensions: 6.0*3.0mmSensitivity:-45dB±3dBDirection: OmnidirectionalImpedance:2.2KΩSpeaker Diameter: Ø40.0mmImpedance: 32ΩFrequency response: 20 ~ 20kHzPlug:...
  • there are some recommended reason for this headphone.The headphones use metal wire drawing process, show a sense of fashion and technology. Designed with silver...
  • This headset is not only a big breakthrough in appearance, on the use effect also has a surprising result. The appearance of fashion and head wear style design...
Zipbuds Zipbuds JUICED In-Ear Earbuds with Microphone and Tangle Free Zipper Cabling (Green)
CE (Zipbuds)
  • Patented Zipper Integrated Cabling: Tangle-Free, Smart, and Stylish
  • Vertebrae zipper design features feather-light flexibility
  • Powerful bass and crystal clear highs suit all music styles
  • Custom designed housing and ear-tips ensure a snug fit every-time
Turtle Beach Turtle Beach Ear Force M1 Silver Mobile Gaming Earbuds w/in-line mic
Wireless (Turtle Beach)
  • High Fidelity Audio - Large 10mm drivers with neodymium magnets for premium audio quality
  • Noise-Isolating Design - creates a superior fit to block out ambient noise and distractions
  • In-Line Microphone - Provides crystal-clear communication for hands-free calling or chatting during online game play
  • Enhanced Stability and Comfort - Unique around-the-ear design and braided cabling provides better stability and enhanced comfort
  • Interchangeable Ear Gels - Includes three different ear gel sizes for optimum fit and comfort

Popular Q&A

What type of cable (speaker or microphone) should I use to connect my passive speaker to the active one?

Ideally, it is not advisable to use normal cables between an amplifier and a speaker. Instead, a speaker cable is required. However I am trying to connect my active speaker with a passive one. So my question is whether it is okay to use a normal cable for this connection, or if I would need to get a speaker cable since the connection is technically between the inbuilt amplifier (of the active speaker) and the passive speaker? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some active speakers are designed to drive another passive speaker but you need to make sure yours is that type. You would use a speaker cable for that purpose if the active speaker has a SPEAKER OUTPUT.

If you let me know the make and model of the speakers, I can help more.

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