CBL4PS 4-pin Extension Cable

8 pin Microphone cable Extender

Client needs help with pin-out / wiring diagram for the Clink2 Crossover Cable to make their own version of p/n: (25 ft.) 2200-24009-001, (50 ft.) 2200-24008-001, (100 ft.) 2200-24010-001


To build a custom Conference Link2 cable, use shielded CAT5e or better, and terminate both end connectors (P1 and P2) with standard 8P8C plugs (for example, RJ45) using the wiring connections shown below. The maximum length for this cable is 100 feet (30 m). Note that this cable provides a crossover connection between pins 1 and 2 and pins 5 and 6.

Note: HDX 6000, 7000, 8000 require the use of a Walta (M) to RJ45 (F) adapter (p/n: 2457-25646-001) on each end of this cable to connect from the HDX to the Polycom Microphone Pod.


Pins P1

Pins P2

Pair 1

1, 2

5, 6

Pair 2

3, 4

leave out the pin 4 wire

Pair 3

Pair 4

7, 8

(48 volts)

The shield drain wire should tie to pin 3

The pin 3 connection straight-thru is VERY important (one could say critical) as it sets the ground reference for the clocking signals passed on the other signal pairs (1, 2 and 5, 6). Without it, the cable/system stops working at lengths greater than about 25 feet.

On Polycom-supplied cables, that pin-3 is also tied to the shield of the RJ45 connector… but it’s almost impossible to do that with the drain wire and not cause an intermittent short. So field terminations can be with the drain wire connected to the metal shield of the RJ45 connector and an unused wire pair (perhaps blue/white…) connected to pin-3 straight thru.

How many people?

by ThePup

Depending on how big a room you have and how many people? Is it just speaking or is there music. This is what I suggest.
1-15" self powered speaker with stand for 50....2 for 50-250.....4 for 250-500
1-SM 58(or equivelent) micrphone with stand
1-25' XLR cable to plug into a soundboard
1-audio mixer
1-100' XLR for each of the first two speakers, a 25' XLR cable for each additional speaker
An unbalanced 1/4 phone cable for each instrument you plan to use.
Expect to pay to rent each of these
mic stand-$5-10
15"speaker with stand-$50-100
audio mixer-$30-50

STARTECH.COM StarTech.com MUHSMF2M 2m 4 Position TRRS Headset Extension Cable
  • Molded strain relief prevents the cable from being bent at sharp angles at the TRRS connectors, to minimize the stress at the plug termination point
  • Provides greater flexibility by enabling you to move more freely, while working at your computer with VOIP applications (Skype, chat programs)
  • Backed by StarTech.com lifetime warranty
  • 4-pole 3.5mm connectors with molded PVC strain relief
  • 90% Spiral Wrapped Connector provides shielding against EMI and RFI interference

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Popular Q&A

How do I extend the audio cable on my shotgun microphone?

I have the NEX VG10 and i want to know how to extend the audio cable so that i can put my ECM CG50 shotgun mic on a boom pole, because the cord that the mic comes with is not long enough to put on a boom pole.

The reason the cable on the ECM-CG50 is short is because that mic is designed to be camera-mounted.

The cable-length is important - when a mic cable gets to the 10-15 feet or longer length, the cable can turn into an antenna that can pick up Radio Frequency Interference and Electro-Magnetic Interference (RFI & EMI).

You *could* just go to Radio Shack (or similar electronics store) and get a 1/8" (3.5mm) male to 1/8" (3.5mm) female extension cable - it will most likely not be shielded.

The *best* option is to get a shotgun mic which uses an XLR connector, connect it using …

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