4 ft. 4 conductor Microphone cable

Mogami Neglex quad cable is perfect cable for home studios suffering from wiring and grounding problems. Mogami 2534 should also be used where intense RFI interference is a problem. Mogami 2534 provides an improvement in signal to noise of 10-20db over equivalent twisted pair cables. Double conductors quad cables are more effective in canceling noise that can get past even the best of shields and is critical in an environment of high RF and EM interference.

Conductor insulation is XLPE ( Cross-Linked Polyethylene) which has excellent electrical characteristics and prevents shrink-back during soldering.
Served (spiral) Bare Copper Shield is superior to foil or braided shields for sound quality and simplifies termination.

Reference Standard NEGLEX Quad High Definition Mic. Cable
NEGLEX No. W2534 has become popular around the world as the standard for high quality digital and analog recording. The cable has also become popular for use with unbalanced equipment, such as high quality pre-amp, amp inputs and tape decks. Miniature Quad Superflexible Mic. Cable Originally designed for BANTAM patch-cords, this cable has become popular where a small diameter Quad mic cable is required.

Two options ...

by clayco2005

I use a Plantronics USB headset with a boom mic that swings straight up, right out of the way. I can use it with Skype for hours without it bother ing me. EBAY $30, shipped. List price $50.
I also have small, $10 USB-sound card dongle that has two submin plugs for mic and headphones. Convenient when using my camers with intrgrated microphone. Also, when in a coffee shop, I plug in a very small cell-phone type earbud with inline microphone. Easier to carry in the laptop case. But falls out easily. Were I to use this more, I'd switch to a Jabra to keep it in better.
Hope this helps.

LyxPro LyxPro LCP Quad Series 6 ft XLR 4-Conductor Star Quad Microphone Cable for Extremely Low Noise and Improved Sound Clarity, Black
CE (LyxPro)
  • High-end star quad cable features greater signal to noise ratio
  • 4-Conducter Cable and Cotton Yarn wrap features reduce noise.
  • Black metal housing connectors; cable strain relief with gold plated contacts
  • High Quality XLR Microphone Cable & Road worthy
  • 5 year complimentary warranty

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Your Cable Store YCS Basics 2 foot 3.5mm male to female 4 conductor
Wireless (Your Cable Store)
  • 2 feet long
  • 4 conductor 3.5mm male to female cable
  • 4 conductor TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) adapter very versatile
  • Headphone/Microphone Compatible and Audio/Video Compatible
  • 1 Year YCS Limited Warranty
GLS Audio GLS Audio 25ft Mic Cable Patch Cords - XLR Male to XLR Female Black Microphone Cables - 25' Balanced Mike Snake Cord - 5 PACK
Musical Instruments (GLS Audio)
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Rubber Jacket
  • True Balanced Lo-Z Shielded Cable
  • High Grade 21g Dual Copper Conductors & Shield
  • Tri-GripTM & Rubber Booty Strain Relief
  • High Quality Noise Free Performance

Popular Q&A

How is the grounded conductor in a flat multiconductor cable 4 or larger identified

Although this method of identifying a grounded circuit conductor (may be a neutral) is acceptable for sizes larger than 6 AWG conductors in a raceway, it is not acceptable for multiwire cables.
For sizes larger than 6 AWG installed in a raceway, this is what Item 3 of 200.6(B) allows: "At the time of installation, by a distinctive white or gray marking at its terminations. This marking shall encircle the conductor or insulation."
This requirement appears in part (E) of 200.6: "Grounded Conductors of Multiwire Cables. The insulated grounded conductors of a multiconductor cable shall be i…

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