One ear Headphones without microphone

World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.

Electronics should be discrete enablers of delightful and magical experiences. Our aim is for you to achieve a better understanding of your skills, abilities and health while doing the things you love. We think that with your support in this campaign, The Dash could become a truly remarkable addition to our lives.

Music is a part of everyone's life. It brings joy, excitement and motivation. However it is not always a pleasure listening to music with headphones. Cables tangle, pull at the headphones and ultimately break. In addition, accessing online content from a smartphone is awesome but needing to carry a smartphone all the time can be a real pain.

The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones.They will playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. The Dash is awesome for sports and great for everything else.

The Dash works in sympathy with the wearer. Movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance are tracked. Heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent are measured, all the while real time acoustic feedback is provided. It even works without an attached smartphone.

Safety and the ability to communicate with others are important. In addition to being earphones, the Dash will double as a Bluetooth Headset delivering clear voice quality through the embedded ear bone microphone. The ear bone microphone is not sensitive to background noise, since it picks up mechanical vibration generated by your voice from the ear bone.

Even though The Dash provides impressive noise isolation, the wearer can choose to channel ambient sound into the headphone with the transparent audio feature. A swipe on the capacitive touch surface of The Dash will enable or disable ambient sound to pass through.

Your pledge will help us deliver a friendly and discrete assistant that will enhance real life experiences. Buying devices that would equal the functions of The Dash will set you back at least 500$.

We've done three dimensional scans of hundreds of ears and tested different shapes. Finally three shapes developed that would provide comfort and fit for a broad range of ears. Silicone sleeves matching the three sizes (S/M/L) are delivered with The Dash package.

Why The Dash will fit perfectly:

  • Three different sized silicone sleeves to fit your ear
  • No cables pulling on the headphones
  • Lightweight — a Dash ear phone weighs less than 13, 8 grams
  • Ergonomic design
  • Three Point Secure Fit

Three Point Secure Fit.


  • General: Volume, audio transparency, pair devices
  • Music controls: Play, pause, next, back
  • Only embedded playback: Shuffle, select playlist
  • Communication controls: Answer, end, reject, hold
  • Tracking controls: Start/stop, 3 upon demand feedback macros, forced feedback on minimum, maximum and time goals
  • Sync music via USB 2.0 and sensor data via USB and Bluetooth
Three Point Secure Fit. iOS / Android / Windows Phone Setup-App is available for free when launched. Helle winning the 2013 Miami IRONMAN
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Recording Software

by gilhouse

I've been playin around with garageband for a couple of years now, and I'm finally getting fed up with it. I record tunes, add vocals, it sounds okay on the computer speakers and/or headphones, but when I burn it and play it back on a stereo, it's crappy. Can't understand the lyrics. Could just be the stereos, could be the microphones, etc. but still... I think I'm ready to try better quality software.
I'm looking for recommendations... I don't need industry-standard, just something mid-level.

HTC Original HTC 3.5mm Stereo Headset Headphone for HTC One HTC Butterfly HTC 8X 8S MAX300 T528 X920E 802W 802D ONE M7 BLACK RED
Wireless (HTC)

Gadgets from Hyderabad, Fin & more  — Free Press Journal
These include microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications. Sennheiser was in the news recently with the launch of its PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95 headphones in India.

AIAIAI AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones without Mic, Black
Musical Instruments (AIAIAI)
  • Titanium high performance drivers
  • Cable lock
  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • Angled stereo plug
  • Adjustable cups

Popular Q&A

Where can one find affordable headphones with a microphone?

One can find affordable headphones with a microphone from many places. The most popular places to find them is at eBay, Sony, Amazon, Turtle Beach, and Best Buy.

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