Microphones and headphones

Microphones and Headphones

Blue Microphones have long been the choice of podcasters and recording pros for capturing audio both in-studio and on the go. Now, the audio outfit is looking to tackle hi-fi mobile listening with an effort it's calling Mo-Fi. The company says that "true mobile high fidelity" is what Mo-Fi brings to the table with a line of products coming in spring 2014. "The market is plenty crowded with lo-fi headphones for our mobile devices. But classic hi-fi headphones are too power-hungry for our mobile devices. We are ready for the next innovation in headphones and the market is ready now too, " said John Maier, CEO of Blue. Unfortunately, that's about all the detail Blue is spilling at this point, so we'll have to wait to hear more on the gadgets and the hi-fi... er, Mo-Fi tech that'll power 'em. There's a teaser video after the break that flaunts what a appears to be a set of headphones, but that's the only tidbit we have to go on right now. You can, however, click over to the source link below for product previews as they arrive.

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Turn Headphones into a Microphone! Easy, Simple Tutorial.
Turn Headphones into a Microphone! Easy, Simple Tutorial.
How to use you Headphones as a Microphone
How to use you Headphones as a Microphone

I don't agree. And I'm not an audiophile

I do a little studio recording and you're right about a most of it. CDs are colored by boosting the frequency range from about 6kHz to 12kHz by 8dB. That's just a known "industry standard" - consumers expect a CD to sound more "sparkling" than a vinyl LP, so the artificial EQ is inserted.
There are plenty of recording engineers (including myself) who strive for natural and accurate sound. If you find any of the recordings done in NYC Studio A, what you've found is as good as it gets. The studio is acoustically-damped, but not overly so. The single pair of microphones hangs from the ceiling and the musicians are arranged around that single microphone

STARTECH.COM StarTech MUYHSFMM 3.5mm 4 Pin to 2x3 Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - F/M
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Solveforce Becomes An Ethernet Internet Provider in Orange County, California  — IT Business Net
.. durability Ethernet fibers are far less susceptible to breakage than other types of cable; higher bandwidth this facilitates faster data transmission and better reception on devices such as speakers, microphones and headphones; less interference ..

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  • Use internet phone programs like Skype, Messengers, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Voice. Length:Approx. 18 inch. Weight:0.9 oz.
MHL COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC, iMBAPrice iMBA-PS-Splitter Premium Speaker and Headphone Splitter Stereo 1 male to 2 Female
Musical Instruments (MHL COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC,)
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