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Blue, best known as a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, today starts the rebellion against headphone convention. While we’ve seen dramatic advances in the quality and convenience of digital audio, headphones—designed specifically to bring us closer to sound—have lagged behind. We’ve come to accept compromises in our headphones, settling for mobility over fidelity, raw volume instead of powerful accuracy, and loud boomy bass over detailed low end. Headphones are the last barrier to a consistent listening experience across all your sources. We can liberate digital music from overhyped playback to true mobile hi-fi. That’s Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.

Headphone is lo-fi. Mo-Fi is sci-fi.

“The market is plenty crowded with lo-fi headphones for mobile devices. But classic hi-fi headphones are too power hungry for our mobile devices. We are ready for the next innovation in headphones and the market is ready now too, ” said John Maier, CEO of Blue. “We set out to do what no one else is doing: to end the compromise we make when listening across multiple sources. In the past, the headphone industry has approached this compromise with clever workarounds, but we solved the problem outright, with no compromises. We’re prepared to unleash Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.”

Headphone doesn’t know Jack. Mo-Fi knows them all.

Incorporating Blue’s passion, innovation, and 20 years of audio expertise, Mo-Fi will introduce the ability to achieve high fidelity sound throughout your entire workflow for a consistent listening experience of every track on any device. From a studio or reference environment to your mobile device and everything in between, Mo-Fi is the end of sacrifice.
Mo-Fi ends the tyranny of headphone compromises, ushering in genuine innovation for the way we listen and work. There are over 20 billion tracks waiting to be unleashed on mobile devices, and Mo-Fi is coming to liberate them. Set yourself and your music free.

Active-Noise-Canceling (ANC) microphones...

by awwt

...are very popular with speech recognition software. They are among the most "accurate" for speech. Especially in noisy environments. ANC works with TWO microphone elements. They are placed "back-to-back". Intended speech goes into the microphone pointed towards your mouth. Anything that comes into that mic element is assumed to be wanted. The second mic element is placed 180 degrees to the the other one (the elements are back-to-back). Any sounds introduced into this mic element are assumed to be "noise". The noise is "cancelled" purposely leaving only the wanted "speech". There are "passive" versions of noise-canceling mics too

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Weanas Weanas® Wireless 2.4GHz Stereo Bluetooth Headset Sports Headphone Microphone Noise Reduction Echo Cancellation Canceling Handsfree - White
Wireless (Weanas)
  • Weanas Wireless headphones,tiny lightweight,mini style. Easy to wear, exceptionally light design stays on during Sports & Exercise & outdoor activity
  • Play/pause (also answer/reject calls), Vol +/-, and next/previous track buttons, 3 sets of different size optional medical grade silicone eartips
  • 10 meter range (30 feet) Bluetooth version: 3.0+EDR (with A2DP,HD stereo vioce). Mulipoint Connection- Connects to 2 Bluetooth Devices Simultaneously
  • Up to 2-4 hours(Depending on the volume) continuous play, 180 hours standby
  • Crystal clear sound with DSP noise cancellation, 3D surround sound stereo music effect with super heavy bass
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