The Apple In-Ear Headphones

Around the ear Headphones with microphone

They sound better, right?

Right. Full-size headphones offer full-size audio quality. The larger drivers produce an expansive soundstage with richer bass. Unlike on-ear or in-ear models, these headphones are circumaural, meaning each cup surrounds the entire ear, blocking out ambient noise. They're more comfortable too. The big cups are usually padded with velvet or leather, making them better suited to marathon listening sessions.

Is that why they're used in pro studios?

Yes, but studio headphones differ slightly from consumer offerings. Some won't plug into your mobile or laptop audio jack without an adapter, and others require more signal strength than a smartphone or tablet can crank out. Also, many high-end headphones are tuned for specialized tasks like mixing and mastering, whereas consumer models feature a sound signature that's better for all-around use.

But aren't they too big for mobile use?

While some full-size headphones fold up or tuck into a case, they're certainly not as travel-friendly as a pair of earbuds. But if you value comfort and sound quality, the added bulk is worth it.

Buying Advice

Over-the-ear headphones have either open- or closed-back ear cups. Open allows sound waves to escape, for a more natural soundstage. But they also advertise your King Crimson fandom to the world. We recommend closed-back models; though more bassy, they're far better at containing sound. (If blocking external noise is your primary concern, a pair of in-ear headphones will always be better.) If you'll be using your headphones with mobile devices, buy a model with an impedance rating of between 16 and 64 ohms. Anything higher and your music may sound thin unless you use an amplifier to boost your signal strength.

Creative Aurvana Live!

There are plenty of decent closed-back headphones hovering around the $100 mark. But I haven't heard anything that hits the same of price/performance nirvana as the Creative Aurvana. Not only does this full-size headphone offer a supremely comfortable design, you'll also get fantastic fidelity that belies its ridiculously low price tag. Dissect these cans and you'll find a big part of why they sound so great - the CAL is equipped with the same famous (to headphone geeks, at least) drivers that graced the now-defunct Denon AD-H1001, another closed-back budget-friendly headphone in the $100 realm.

Like the latter, the CAL's sound manages to be exquisitely detailed and open for headphone in this price range. It's not quite as bright as the Shure, but man, if you're a fan of electronic or hip-hop music - or anything with a synth in it - this will definitely be your new favorite everyday headphone. My only real gripe has to do with the CAL's isolation - there kind of isn't much of it. While they were fine for home and office listening, once out in the real world, I found a lot more unwanted sounds tended to creep into the ear cups. This is a shame, because after listening to the CAL you really will want to take it everywhere with you. It may not be clinical, but this is definitely one fun headphone.

WIRED Outstanding value - can frequently be found online for $60 despite being able to pass for a headphone costing three times as much. Unbeatable comfort. Deep ear cups with a wide range of motion made these the most comfortable in the test. Manages to deliver bass o' plenty while never sounding over-blown or muddy.

Jupiter Studios (Seattle) burglarized

by BumRapture

Absolutely fucked up news. The Jupiter Studio guys are all A+ human beings and technicians, this is just ridiculous that they have to put up with this. Just spreading the word.
Subject: Jupiter Studios in Wallingford (Seattle)was burglarized early Sunday morning.
Dear Friends,
Please help us spread the word that Jupiter Studios in Wallingford was burglarized early Sunday morning. Watch out for someone trying to sell 2 Neumann M147 Tube Mics, 2 vintage AKG C414EBs (silver/black w/C12 capsules), Royer R122 48 volt ribbon mic, 2 Crown CM700s condensers, Oktava ML52 Ribbon, Lots of SM57s and SM58s, 1 beta 57 (1st version), AKG D12E, Apple/Mac G5 1

MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Clear)
Speakers (S2E Inc)
  • Secure over-the-ear fit never falls out
  • Energetic sound with enhanced bass keeps you motivated,Designer 1.4m cord (4.59 ft) with attached shirt clip
  • Noise isolating in-ear design helps you focus
  • Six sets of eartips for the best fit and comfort
  • Seven exciting sports colors to choose from

'Vampire Diaries' team talks life, death and Season 6 at Comic-Con: Live-Blog  — HitFix
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HPM GLOBAL HeadphoneMate Inline Remote and Microphone Cable for Bose OE2 OE2i SoundTrue Around-Ear SoundTrue On-Ear Headphones and iPhone
Wireless (HPM GLOBAL)
  • Specially designed to connect between OE2/OE2i headphones with selected Apple products
  • Inline Microphone for phone calls
  • Inline Remote for iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Adjust volume, select track and switch between calls and music at your fingertip
  • Tangle resistant cable, length 5ft / 1.5m, double as a standard audio cable
Sennheiser Sennheiser HD-280 PRO Headphones
Speakers (Sennheiser)
  • Dynamic, closed-ear headphones with up to 32 dB attenuation of outside sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable, ergonomic design, Cord Length - 3.3 - 9.8 feet Coiled
  • Extended frequency response and warm, natural sound reproduction
  • Around-the-ear design with padded earcups
  • Earpads, headband padding, and audio cord are easily replaceable, ensuring long life
  • Collapsible earpieces for compact transport
  • Lightweight and comfortable, ergonomic design
Sound Around Pyle PSWBT7BK Active Sport Water Resistant Bluetooth Hands Free Wireless Stereo Headphones and Headset with Built in Microphone for Call Answering (Black)
Network Media Player (Sound Around)
  • Bluetooth: Wirelessly stream music from your iPhone/Smartphone, MP3 Player, Tablet, PC, etc.
  • Built-in Microphone: Put the music on hold and answer calls hands-free when connected via Bluetooth
  • IPX8 Marine Grade Water Resistant Construction - Comfortable headband-style headset ideal for active sports
  • MP3 Control Unit Detaches for Charging - Easy Push Button Control - Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - Charges via USB Port like the one on your Mac/PC
Andrea Electronics Corporation Andrea Electronics Corporation SB-805B CANs USB Stereo Headset with Microphone and 3D Surround Sound Recording, Black
CE (Andrea Electronics Corporation)
  • Headphones with microphone array technology for noise canceling voice pickup and surround sound recording and gaming on PC or Macs
  • 50mm speakers that deliver powerful bass, clear midrange and sparking highs
  • Designed for computer gamers and musicians
  • USB soundcard with digital samples rates for hi definition audio
  • Headphones fold flat for quick and easy storage
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