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Unidirectional dynamic microphone Radio Shack

The Astatic 651 is a small-format squeeze-to-talk, dynamic microphone for critical communications applications. The omnidirectional 651 mic has a tailored frequency response providing clear transmission and maximum intelligibility of speech. The microphone's housing is built to withstand rough mechanical impact while the transducer resists atmospheric extremes. The 651 microphone has a simple-to-operate DPDT long-life, trouble-free, leaf switch. It has a low-impedance output and is factory wired normally open. The 651 mic may be rewired in the field if a line shorting function is desired.

The Astatic 651 mic is an excellent choice for any application requiring a small-format palm-held microphone for discrete or tight mounting spaces such as life-safety systems or paging stations where small size is required. The 651 microphone is also suited to most public address and general, multiple-use, commercial paging applications such as factories, airports, lobbies, restaurants, warehouses, etc.


  • For commercial public-address and paging applications as well as security, emergency and life safety
  • Small size for inclusion into life-safety systems or other paging stations where small size is indicated
  • Omnidirectional for forgiving pick-up of users that may not be committed to the mic
  • Low impedance (600 ohms) for long cable runs and hum resistance
  • Rugged polyester mic element resists effects of extreme temperature, moisture, acids, alkalines, and solvents
  • Durable large-gauge wire grille

SM58 is an overrated microphone

by generic_guy

The Shure SM58 is a fairly overrated microphone whose design has essentially remained the same since it was introduced over 30 years ago.
There are way better dynamic mics, like the Audix OM5 which I use. My experience is that you don't need to be as close to get good pickup and it doesn't infuse your voice with bass.

RadioShack Radioshack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 33-3038
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Is Radio Shack's Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone a good microphone for singers?

If you can spend around $100 US, you can get a decent pro mic:


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