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Constantly innovating, striving for engineering perfection, Beyerdynamic microphones are unlike any other on the market today. Staying true to the vision of their founder, these high-quality mics are still expertly handcrafted in Germany, showing their true passion for the equipment they build. With a full lineup of mics, spanning all the most popular varieties, you should have no problem at all finding one to suit your exact needs as a performer.

So what are you searching for in a microphone? If you're after a classic condenser, they come in a variety of styles here, so you only need to decide on how you prefer to use your mic. If you're looking for a handheld, check out the best-selling MCE 72 CAM Stereo Microphone with its two condenser capsules, wide recording range and rugged metal housing. More interested in instrument microphone? Then spend some time with the TG I55c Helix Instrument Condenser Mic, the TG I56c Instrument Condenser Mic or the TG I57c Instrument Condenser Mic. Each offers something different, tailored to specific instruments, so definitely explore them all.

If you're here for a dynamic mic, you'll find those in this section as well. The M 69 TG Dynamic Microphone, with its low feedback and superior sensitivity, is one of Beyerdynamic's best-sellers, but you may also be interested in the M 201 TG Dynamic Directional Microphone. Described as a "workhorse stable" mic, this compact device is all performance, working equally well with vocals as well as instruments.

You'll also find a wide range of accessories, drum mics and ribbon mics to round out their selection. All equally impressive in their quality, Beyerdynamic works to suit all styles of projection.

Professional in everything they create, Beyerdynamic have redefined what quality means over the past century. If you're looking to enhance your studio setup, or take to the stage like never before, you'll find a microphone in this section that will completely change the way you make your music. Because for Beyerdynamic, it's not just making music, it's making your music the best it can be.

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Musical production question: recording vocals

by heinsonlive

I have a phantom powered condenser microphone and I want to know how to get it to work and connect to a computer sound card. I have a notebook computer and think I need to get some type of external sound card- basically something better than the factory card I have now. If I won't be able connect it to a sound card, what do I need to get it to record directly to my editing software, Adobe Audition 3.0, with very high quality? Trying to get a truly professional sound for a song I've written.
Here is the mic:

AKG C1000

by Seacrest

Also I've got a AudioTechnica battery powered condenser thats pretty good for overhead mic or acoustic.
Battery powered mics are electret condensers. Phantom powered mics are usually regular diaphram condenser. Its a slightly different mic.
Some electret condensers are very good, but these usually also run on phantom power too and I find they sound better with actual phantom power. The AKG C1000 is sort of an industry standard for certain applications and its battery powered.

Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic COP Headset Gear Custom One Pro Microphone, Black
CE (Beyerdynamic)
  • Turn your Custom One Pro Headphone into a Professional Headset
  • High quality Condenser (back electret) microphone with gooseneck, 20 -20k Hz
  • Cardiod polar pattern, 117db max SPL at 1kHz
  • All in one solution for Skype, Gaming, Voice-over IP, multimedia and smart phone tablet communications
  • Detachable single sided 8 feet cable with double connectors, mini stereo jack (3.5m)
American Music and Sound Beyerdynamic TG-I52D Dynamic Clip-On Hypercardioid Microphone for Wind Instruments
Musical Instruments (American Music and Sound)
  • Dynamic clip-on microphone for wind instruments
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern
  • Very high gain before feedback
  • Compact size, rugged construction
  • Flexible gooseneck with rubberized clip-on mount and 3-pin XLR output
American Music and Sound Beyerdynamic M58 Dynamic Microphone - Omnidirectional for Electric News Gathering - ENG/Electronic Field Production - EFP
Musical Instruments (American Music and Sound)
  • Dynamic omnidirectional microphone for ENG/EFP applications with WS 58 wind shield
  • Moving coil transducer
  • Internal shockmount reduces handling noise
  • Extended frequency response with rising high-end for maximum intelligibility
  • Rugged construction; weight-balanced, slim-profile design with non-reflective finish
Beyerdynamic, Inc. Beyerdynamic MMX 2 PC Gaming Multimedia Digital Headset with Microphone
CE (Beyerdynamic, Inc.)
  • Universal for all multimedia applications, but specially optimised for PC games
  • Mac and PC sophisticated USB sound card with volume control and microphone mute function
  • Lightweight ¿ ideal when playing for hours
  • Noise compensated microphone
  • 2 Year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S.
Beyerdynamic Lot of 35 Beyerdynamic WS 20 SW Microphone Foam Wind Shield T28433
BISS (Beyerdynamic)

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