1pcs best selling New Arrival

I Sell computer Microphones

Astatic D-104 Microphone or similar. (below are some other types you could convert)
One computer microphone with cord (everything you need to upgrade in one package)

Tools and supplies
soldering iron with solder
spray paint
1/4" heat shrink tube
Volt/ohm meter
small saw

NOTE :should you find another type of microphone to convert, check Ebay for its current market price, you could have one worth allot of cash. An example is a microphone that looks just like the one being converted here, but its gold plated and has an eagle on the back of the head. This is the Golden Eagle version made in the seventies, worth a few hundred bucks!

Wow! That's GREAT news for you! I know

by pdxmc

How it can be when one is forced by circumstances to be out of contact with a close family member and what a joy it is to get re-connected again. I'm very happy for you...no one should have a son or daughter they cannot talk with and hold sometimes, it's just unnatural.
So, I wish you well and all the happiness there can be!
If you download the Skype software:
You can then use a headset (earphones with a microphone built in) plugged into your computer and call anywhere there's an internet connection for free

More education jobs to India

by Chicago_gal

COCHIN, India Oct 22, 2005 — A few stars are still twinkling in the inky pre-dawn sky when Koyampurath Namitha arrives for work in a quiet suburb of this south Indian city. It's barely 4:30 a.m. when she grabs a cup of coffee and joins more than two dozen colleagues, each settling into a cubicle with a computer and earphones.
More than 7,000 miles away, in Glenview, Ill., outside Chicago, it's the evening of the previous day and 14-year-old Princeton John sits at his computer, barefoot and ready for his hourlong geometry lesson. The high school freshman puts on a headset with a microphone and clicks on computer software that will link him through the Internet to his tutor, Namitha, many time zones away.

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