Computer microphone Preamplifier Attachment

USBPre measuring at FOH position

Two-Channel Microphone Interface for Computer Audio

Sound Devices USBPre 1.5 is a complete, portable hardware interface for computer-based digital recording. Designed for USB-equipped Macintosh® OS 9, OS X, and Windows (98SE®, ME, 2000®, XP) computers, USBPre quickly and easily interfaces studio microphones, line-level sources, musical instruments, and consumer audio electronics with personal computers. Its high-quality, 24-bit audio inputs offer the most direct signal path into the computer. All analog-to-digital conversion is done outside of the computer, in the USBPre, for superior audio performance. S/PDIF coaxial I/O enables direct digital transfers into and out of the computer.

USBPre has the flexibility to work with most Windows and Mac recording, streaming, and measurement software. Powered solely by the USB port from either notebook or desktop computers, no additional power source is required — the computer provides all power needed for operation.USBPre Microphone Interface for Computer Audio The durable construction and compact size of the USBPre allow no-compromise digital recording everywhere.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The USBPre does not operate in 64-bit operating systems. This includes Windows XP-64, Windows Vista-64, Windows 7-64, and any release of Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") or later.

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How do I record using a microphone?

by newmusicman

I'm trying to record some music onto my computer by trying something along the following lines - getting a microphone that I can connect into my computer and using it to record sounds from my un-electric acoustic guitar and some finger tapping/creative drumming. I know it might sound like a stretch but I have a good idea of the sound I want. I've been doing this for some time while just jamming, I just dont know the technical details concerning recording it like what kind of microphone (condenser or stereo I dont really know much about any of that stuff), or what kind of cables or if I need a mixer or what ever the heck an XLR is that my roommate was telling me about, or the software that I would need

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