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Computer conference microphone

Keep in mind that the audio ports on a PC are descendants of the original SoundBlaster card. One of the features that has persisted over the decades is low-voltage plug-in power. Rather than a mono signal or the balanced mono signal that you'd expect from pro-audio gear, the PC microphone port appears to be mono with an extra low-voltage power line. You can easily identify microphones intended for plug-in power by their 3.5mm TRS ("stereo") jacks. If you plug one of these microphones into your mac, you will get nothing. This is because the audio-in jack on your mac expects a line-level signal, which is what you would get from a CD player. Without plug-in power, the signal will be too weak for your mac to detect. The problem is that just about all the inexpensive microphones out there are intended for PCs and their plug-in power ports.

So you have two options. You could get a microphone pre-amp (expensive) or a small mixer with microphone pre-amps (possibly less expensive, but also lower quality than a standalone microphone pre) and a pro-audio mic (also expensive). Or you could get a high quality "podcasting" mic with a built-in pre-amp and USB interface.

The first conference mic that you linked to has a 3.5mm stereo plug and needs a "sound card with a mic-in socket." That sounds to me like the mic needs an audio interface with plug-in power. Even if it doesn't, it generates a mic-level signal (much lower voltage than line-level), so your mac won't hear anything

The Philips mic doesn't provide enough information to judge whether it will work in your situation.

Even if the two conference mics were likely to work with your mac, they probably wouldn't solve your problem. An omnidirectional mic will pick up sound from every direction. You complain about your mic picking up "robotic sounds." That could either be a consequence of a really bad audio interface or background noise from your computer or something else near your conference area. A more directional mic will allow you to adjust what is picked up by your mic by turning it.

Comp. to comp.

by ajstars

Computer to computer talking is free. You can download Skype on your computer like you would AIM. You can talk w/ a microphone and talk and see ppl w/ a webcam and mike. Personally, I haven't had much problem w/ the connection. I'm in PA and I skype my mom about 10 mins away w/ almost no connection problems and my sister in CA with very very few. I also talk w/ my sister-in-law in the Philippines w/ only occasional disruptions. If you are just talking comp-comp you can conference call w/ a bunch of ppl and you can chat just like an IM. The biggest problem is an occasional freezing when you're on the video

Online Presentation Tonight 7:25 PM

by Jetstar

I'm looking for a few people to get started ASAP in the Dallas area.
Please Log on tonight and see the online Presentation. It's easy to do.
It starts at 7:25 pm tonight.
Just Go to this site and log on to
And since this is your first time to do this, please login a little early so the system can download a small setup file. After the download you can enter the conference room by typing in a name in the login box.The name can be almost anything such as Jane Doe-Dallas etc. Please leave the password box blank. If you have a microphone on your computer you can actually talk/interact with the presenter after the presentation

Sound Tech Sound Tech CM-1000 Table Top Conference Meeting Microphone with Omni-Directional Stereo 3.5mm Plug
PC Accessory (Sound Tech)
  • Ideal for PC or digital portable recorders.
VEC VEC CM-1000 Omni-Directional Stereo Conference Microphone 3.5mm CM1000
PC Accessory (VEC)
  • Excellent audio clarity.
  • Full 360 degree omni-directional
  • Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction
Blue Microphones Blue Microphones Snowflake USB Microphone
Musical Instruments (Blue Microphones)
  • Professional quality portable USB for recording on the go
  • Unique design fits on your desktop or laptop
  • Perfect for podcasting, internet telophony, voice recognition software, movie narration, music
  • Compatible with Mac and PC; plug-and-play, requires no additional drivers
  • Includes USB cable
Philips Philips 9172 Boundary Layer Conference Microphone for Digital Conference Recording Systems (LFH9172/00)
CE (Philips)
  • Fast and easy set up for hassle-free installation with wire storage and length adaptation build into base
  • Sound pick-up from a 360 degree radius for a perfect recording experience
  • Boundary layer design utilizes the acoustic pressure of the surface
  • Expandable through cascading
  • No microphone stand required
  • Built-in wire storage for adjusting cable length
Pyle Home Pyle Home PDMIKC5 Professional Table Top Condenser Microphone
CE (Pyle Home)
  • Adjustable Gooseneck Type Mast - Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB (+/-)2dB
  • Cardioid Pickup Rejects Off-Axis Sound - Reference Sound Receiving Distance: 20~80cm
  • Durable Metal Tube And Bottom Base And PVC Plastic Construction - Power Supply: Dc 9 Volt
  • Frequency Response: 40hz~16khz - On/Off Broadcasting Switch
  • 200 Ohm Output Impedance - 26.2foot X 4.2mm Microphone Cable With 600 Outputs
  • 200 Ohm Output Impedance
  • 26.2 foot XLR (F) - 1/4(M) Microphone cable with 600 Ohms Outputs
  • Adjustable Gooseneck Type Mast
  • Cardioid Pickup Rejects Off-Axis Sound
  • Durable Metal Tube And Bottom Base And PVC Plastic Construction
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