Computer Camera and microphone

I added a USB microphone/camera to my computer during a live class, but the device didn’t work. How can I make the device work?

It is always good to connect a USB microphone or camera to your computer before the live class starts and make sure that it is working. However, if you choose to connect and use these devices during the live class, you need to close the Virtual Classroom window and re-launch the class after adding the new peripheral device(s).

Alternatively, you can refresh the Virtual Classroom by pressing the F5 key on your computer after adding the new device in order to activate it.

In case the camera or microphone does not work after following these steps, go to Device Settings (see Figure 1.13) and select the appropriate audio and video device from the dropdown menu.

Most computers have a microphone built in these

by Surferhbomb

Days, especially Mac's. Mine? Well, I have an external mic and recording software. I'd make the recording which will come out as a wave file then convert it to mp3.
Speaking of recording if the OP has a video camera in her computer or a decent digital camera...need I say more?
Just audio will leave more to the imagination. Besides, better to have audio sent around then a video. You know, just in case the BF accidentally shares the file with friends.

To: Wanderer

Actually, what I have is just for
sending email through the use of a
special little camera that sits
on the top of your monitor.
The microphone sits along the side
of your whole computer unit. Like
on your table. It lets you send
email that is either sound (talking),
or visual(your face), while you
sit there infront of your computer.
On a lighter note: have you seen
those little pen size one shot cameras
advertised on tv? 3 payments of $29.99
lets you take pictures, and video
w/out film. For ever. ???
thanks for your feedback, Ree

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